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This is a disclosure that needs to be understood before you continue reading any "part" of
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I will not be held responsible under any circumstance whatsoever for what I am about to
write, [NONE]

Warning... all of the photos displayed on this website are extremely hurtful and disturbing... and might cause you some anxiety... if so, please leave this website ASAP... It's for your own good.

Why? it's all about [information] I am not a practicing Barrister, Lawyer or Solicitor... but, I
know so, so much about the [LAW] so to speak, it's entirely up to you what you do or how
you [Clarify, Decipher or Limn] any part of the dossier that I will cuneiform.

Now that you have read and understood the above statements and, take [full Responsibility,
Influence and, all Liability] for your own actions... as a manner of speaking!!!

Let's kick off with some down to terra writing, info and details.

Why not...

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Now... there will be a few scenarios that I will write about and put out there, followed by the sequence of so many events that would lead to? let's just say distortion within a community
or country or family
 or friends.

Let's start off with #1 case "Child Sexual Abuse" this will hit you
so, so
 hard on the insides and outsides... so be ready for it.

Just imagine you had a baby that was a few months old or a child
their early teens... it really doesn't matter if they are a boy? or a girl?


And, this sweet innocent guilt-free faultless baby or child starts
 subject to a "Sinful Immoral Villainous" person? this applies
to "both" women or men... somewhat like a [IMP] in disguise.

Now a few sequence that can and will occur in the above statements...

For argument sake, let's just say!!!

Sexual Abuse 1

Sexual Abuse 2

This [IMP] waits until you... be a mother or a father leaves to go to work and starts touching
this pure
 innocence little baby or child from the outside and inside just to satisfy there lust,
craving, appetite
 and libido because its somewhat like a drug for this person?

What a sick disordered psychopath... Right?

Another scenario might be or could be... you send your anklebiter to school? and, there is
this filthy
 dog or you could call them incubus that waits for the perfect opportunity to lay their
scuzzy hands on them at every moment or occasion away from all seeing eyes?... in a
manner of expressing myself
 in a articulated way, for years and years on end...

Now hear is another nonconforming epitome... your infant during school days go to a particular noteworthy "venue"... [by the way, I am taking about so many different abode? nothing specific,
and once a week goes there to be shown the right way in life and to believe in something that's
so good for the human/extrinsic heart...

And, this person? dressed in a very precise manner... starts reading from a opuscule that is or
could be written in so many different languages and is "manipulated" to suit one's culture over another culture? Why? because we are free to believe in whatever we like, but it doesn't suit so many different people and their backgrounds... so to speak.

Also, these places of "vespers" have so many different harbinger or effigies that are built from
so many different materials and emblems to tuxedo their forebears and denomination... which
are placed or are hanging on the outside... of there buildings.

And, over a continuance or many years that go by... forms a relationship with your pubescent
so they can have there ways? with him or her behind the scenes and away from all common
people, hoi polloi and, the general public so they can perform there wonderful and remarkable
undertakings of "wisdom? that are so sly and savvy" on your child.

Sexual Abuse 3

Sexual Abuse 4

Never for a father and mother to comprehend how much damage has occurred to a child over
so many years of abuse and exploitation on the inside and outside...

Just harbor...

These vampires or werewolf's that finis kids from third grade to tenth grade like blood sucking leech's or parasites? somewhat like an infected... polluted or a tainted bacterium virus? and,
could or would use so many sycophant to help them!!!

To sum up the above remarks in just a few paragraphs...

Somewhat like a yucky unwashed contaminated rabbit? on heat or it could be a great white shark? with a bikie helmet full of so, so much alcohol to the tune of one to two cases of beer
a day or a keg every few days, plus let's not forget... so many drugs everyday on top of it all.

It's just like this "shark"... let's say for argument sake, has an AVO against him and everyday
tries to
 break the "LAW" by trying to intimidate this person? that is under protection 24/7...

It's somewhat like this dopey shark keeps bagging his head with his helmet on... against a unbreakable steel cage that's three hundred and sixty degrees enforce and bulletproof...
there's no way in!!!

No matter which way he hits it or a...

An unhygienic greasy crayola, ebony, arcene, buff, zaffre, cadet, ivory, orchid, ochre arachnid
[spiders] that hides in the corners and waits until night time or during the day to make its move
on you while you have a sleep... crawling all over your skin and touching you everywhere???

Until you wakeup and kill the dirty smutty little bastards with your thongs or sandal shoes or a
big rock/stone or it could be barefooted if need be... bye, bye!!! just to set the record straight?

What a waste of a life? never eats, just drinks and drugs all day long!!! by the way, this is a... 

Sick, Sick, Sick... [MF]

Sexual Abuse 5

Sexual Abuse 6

Could you even... [imagine the physical and psychological effects] this will have on a child
for life???

By the way... just to set the annals like an arrow, I have seen so much over an entity's
it's beyond a joke, you could also presuppose to a cocksure amplitude, that
I could have been a gudgeon and a casualty of the above aloft utterance as a
saccharine preteen.

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Over the great nakedness of [TRUTH] we have case #2

Domestic violence committed by men and women...

What is Domestic Violence?

Put in legible layman's terms...

It's a person? weather it be a women or a man that physically
and mentally harms you... somewhat like torture, intimidation or it could be by crucifixion hypnotically speaking... every single day?

That's my understanding of "Domestic Violence" in society today.

Forthwith we need to clarify a dollop of info and facts about Domestic Violence...

What is the difference between physically and mentally or bestiality and coercion domiciliary incursion...

Put simply... one is physical harm and, the other is emotions that are connected to your mind...

Domestic Violence 1

Domestic Violence 2

This will take a bit of writing to explain the heterogeneity between the two... so go and grab a
cup of coffee with some nice biscuits and get yourself really comfortable and get ready for it,
it's going to take a while to annotate this assertion.

First off, let's talk about the physical side of things...

This will apply to both women and men? it's when they [physically] hit you... everyday with
there hands/feet or with an object e.g a broomstick, mop, fry pan, glass bottles, a milk crate,
a bucket phone, flower pot, plate, a chair, a folk, a laptop "computer" a pen, a can of beer,
shoes, cricket bat, a tennis racquet, a stick, a picture frame, a toaster, a flash light, ash
tray, a vacuum cleaner a TV, an umbrella, a blower, a car jack, wheel trolley, wheelbarrow,
cement bags, a roof sheet,

Furthermore to the above... they will use!!!

A steel pole, an ironing board, mattress, lawn mower, bed frame, a lamp, tools, cardboard
door knife, a bag, an axe, a busby, paper books, a washing basket, crutches, cigarette
lighter, nails, a table, a walking stick, balls, a wheel chair, a clock, a statue, a rope, a car
wheel or rim, a belt a dog chain, radio, a bike, an iron, a rubbish bin, a camera, a rock, a
hammer, a ladder, video player, cd player, videos/cassettes/cd, a candle, kids toys/lego,
toolbox, clothes hanger, a bong

In additional to the aloft... a few other things come to mind? that are worth [mentioning] that
are also used as a arbalest.

They are... chester drawers, coat hangers, a plant, a jug, a microwave oven, a mini bar
fridge, a bike chain, screwdrivers, pieces of timber, a steel water bottle, a paint brush, a
plastic petrol canister, a whisper shipper, a block and tackle, a fishing rod, a sign post,
a toilet seat cover, a mini coffee machine, multi power points, computer screen, electrical
cords, gardening devices, a trolley, galvanized tub, golf clubs, a exhaust pipe, wire fencing,
a cement mixer, a bird cage,

Plus so many other things? That they can or will use with there hands is a dead set
[weapon?]... so to speak.

Domestic Violence 8

Domestic Violence 4

What do you think?... it's scary shit what people will use to harm you!!! don't you think? it's just
like living in nightmare circuit? what do I mean by this comment, let me elaborate on this!!!

It's just like a switch... off or on, or a tap that let's water flow in by turning it to the right and then
you close it by turning it to the left... Right? it's all the same thing, off or on.

The same principles applies to a man or a woman that's insane and out of there minds and
on drugs or alcohol or steroids used by bodybuilders or certain people? e.g some security
guards or an elite athlete, e.g pro wrestler or a pub door man or woman that are on heat,
like a savage animal or beast that wants to kill you... no control whatsoever as a manner of mention.

Another synopsis or compendium is... just imagine living with a person that has such a big
ego and complex problem? somewhat like Dr jekyll and Mr hyde, forever changing everyday
or every hour, it would be like living in hell forever with this person?

Wouldn't you absolutely and utterly hate to be this person partner... what a horror and torment ordeal, and the worst thing is... it's all physical with a timeline to when you are going to die at
the hands of this deranged person... somewhat like a time-bomb waiting to go off.

Mental Abuse 3

Domestic Violence 6

If any of the above statements relate to any of your circumstances?
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The next secondarily is... the mental abuse flanking,

You better go and have your dinner and dessert first, maybe a nice plate of spaghetti marinara
or fettuccine carbonara or spinach tortellini with meatballs, or pork, fennel, tomato, rocket
lettuce, ricotta, olives, infused into a multi award winning [GOLD] gourmet sausage that won awards for years and years on end with penne "arrabbiata" coulis... Also, don't forget the wine and bubbly.

Also, let's not forget about dessert... pecan pie, or chocolate mousse with sambuca, or cream caramel, and multi flavoured profiteroles, and let's not forget the "secret" tiramisu kuchen with
so many assorted biscuits dip in coffee and layered with mascarpone demulcent and dusted
with yummy bister... Mmmm, tastes so digit licking good... yeppie!!!

Just to confirm anything I say about these sausages... just ask Maeve O'm from a program?
and Deborah H, they used to show up once a week were a use to perform my tasks!!! also,
they are great on a B.B.Q...


You'll need it... by the rhythmus it will take to assimilate the following few paragraphs.

This is going to consume... a tempo to compose and, to scriven.

So, let's start off with a very simple explanation in essence.

It's when someone... be it a man or a woman everyday or every hour or every few minutes
plays mind games with their partner e.g wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband to a point of
driving them mentally insane with so many psychological disorders that run so deep within
their brains?

This is caused by someone? or a group? of people... isn't that Right? "[R]ob]ot named N
and J"

Who continue to emotionally and mentally abuse you for months or years on end... or you
could "SAY" forces this upon you for there only wicked plans and benefits, so to speak!!!

I will explain a few scenarios that will and could transpire...

#1 Someone? that follows you around??? like a dirty ass or piss sickening smell that has a
habit? of showing up everywhere you go... all the epoch uninvited and against the law.

#2 Someone? that has an AVO against them, and everyday drives or rides his or her vehicle
outside your place of residence... trying to intimidate you every single moment of the day.

#3 A partner weather it be a man or a woman, gets a chair and scrutinize and oversees
every move you make, somewhat like a peeping tom, even when you go to the toilet or you
are going to sleep in your bedroom, they are always in your face.

#4 This person? always carries some sort of weapon with them, and shows you... that this is
what he will use to hurt or kill you.

#5 They always use there children to mentally hurt you... by saying, I will hit them if you don't
do what you are told.

Sorry I need to take a brake... I need to attend and participate in a few ceremony/sacrament
over the next few months... going over to the outside? for a while, so to speak.

Just kidding... let's move forward with the rest of this.

Mental Abuse 1

Mental Abuse 2

#6 They always treat you... somewhat like a slave or dog, kicking you around with there feet
and pushing you around with there hands when there wicked minds convulse and stir up.

#7 They always yammer, screech and whoop at you, because they don't no how to talk or be
genteel, diplomatic or sympathetic towards you, Why? its not build in there system of etiquette.

#8 They always go to the pub or casino to gamble there weekly wages, and when they lose
everything... they come home and take it out on their partners and kids.

#9 They might take you and the children on a vacation, and instead of having a great juncture,
they blow all there money for food, e.g breakfast, lunch and dinner and for pleasure in a
day or two... on the pokies leaving you and your kids to starved and end your trip early, to
return home.

#10 They always put certain items in your way when you are cooking, washing or ironing for
the family... just to frustrate and thwart the living shit out of you and your youngsters.

Abused woman

#11 They always leave a mess for you to clean up e.g dishes, dirty clothes, shoes that are
full of dirt or shit... and command you to clean their litter and trash, like you are some sort
of cleaning maid, what an unwiped asshole.

#12 When you are having a bath or shower... they kick in the door, and demand you perform
sexual acts on them, somewhat like you are a porn star or prostitute by saying to you, it's your
job as my partner.

#13 They are always paranoid and overly suspicious of you because you look beautiful...
also they are so fearful and powerless when you go to work, just in case you might have an
affair or two or three or every few days with a few working colleagues behind the scenes or
gets involved in a really big gangband session every few days with everyone... as a matter
of mention!!!

#14 Everyday when you wake up "hounds"... you to change your religion so you can believe in something that's so wrong and so unjustifiable in the eyes of [Jesus and God] which are one.

#15 Everyday plays numbers and colour games with you... somewhat like they don't no how to
be a normal human being anymore!!! like a try hard that wants to influence you with songs on
a radiotelegraphy or when you take a monument to gaze at the Vid...

Because someone? to be more meticulous a resplendent female newsperson from Australia
that I have known personally for a few years... makes you feel [complete and undocked] by
making you laugh out aloud or cry at other intervals, so to speak.

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With so many wounds and bruises sustain with great tote we come to case #3 Obstructing justice and Blackmail.

What is? the difference between Obstructing justice and Blackmail

Without all the ruckus and fuss jargon...

Blackmail is when... someone tries you use e.g a photo or video
you have taken many years ago? with you doing something that
is personal? but, in the eyes of the public or a partner, or family
members, could be used to extort money from you, if exposed.

That's what Blackmail means... put so simple!!!

The second part is... what's it mean to obstruct justice or perjury or pervert the cause of justice!!!

Here's a brief explanation... to the above statements.

Obstructing justice means... Let's just say the [AFP] which stands for "Australian Federal
Police" are conducting an investigation into a drug outlaw or a assemblage of corrupt riffraffs?
or it's a committee? of some array or a government department for fraud? and embezzlement?

And, a certain rabble? gets involved behind the scenes, without "mention" anyone in particular
and, will obstruct and hamper the justice procedure by... money, influence, or by "threatening"
their families, put in readable and understandable context, and being so blunt about my words?

That's Obstructing Justice... to the highest amplitude known under Australian Law!!! full stop.

The next part is... what is? Perjury.

To my understanding... it's when you are summoned to go to court and face a setting judge
with or without a jury, depending on the crime and offence committed, and the court registrar
on behalf of a Judge or Judges, ask you to swear under oath with a codex? in one hand, and
the other hand raised to head level or it could be a affirmation without a octavo?

It's all the same thing...

What's ask of you is... to swear to "GOD" under oath, just before I continue!!!

Who is GOD? depending on your rearing it could be a Donkey, a Ram, Crocodile, Rhinoceros,
a Tree, a Pit Bull, a Stick, a Loin, a Rabbit, a Cross, a Dove, a Zebra, a Elephant, a Cow, a Rat
a Snake, a Horse, a Cat, a Bull, a Tiger, a Ball, a Shark, a Bulldog, a silver Lupo, a Car, a Fish,
a Lizard, a Viking, a Pig, a Butterfly, a Bikie, a Colour, a Security Guard, a Giraffe, a Number, a Chicken, Star Fish, Sea Horse, a Whale, a Camel, a Octopus, or just the "welkin" up above you.

Why? do I say these things about [GOD] Let's just say... this is what I've seen with my own two
human eyes from people??? or a different type of inhabitants??? so to speak... when they
have attended court for Judgement, and it's what they truly believe in, not in GOD the father.

Who do a think I am... [Jesus Christ and God] that are one entity to say these things? No... just
a normal human being, that is somewhat I think... special, very unique and one of a kind? so to speak!!! that drinks lots and lots of water... every single day.

You will never ever hear people swear under oath to "Jesus Christ", Saint Mary, Buddha, An
Apostle, an Cherub, Muhammad or a Supernatural being... Why? not so sure about this one,
but, it must be a "sin" of some sort, that's why it's so easy to swear on [GOD] and... on this
"Libretto?" if you no what I mean by my words that I have written? so far.

To put forward some more information about [Perjury] I can tell you of this situation that
occurred under oath... when there where two "Judges" sitting in a courtroom hearing a few cases!!! as a manner of expressing myself in a fairly straightforward way... speaking from
my heart, the [truth]

Just before a go on, I need to explain a few things... The first Judge was dressed in his uniform
and sat in his cathedra at the front of the courtroom but, the second Judge was dressed so,
so casual, that not even the police or jury members would have recognize him... he sat in the
back of the courtroom wearing just a nonchalant shirt, cargo pants, casual footwear and unshaved!!!

So sly and devious... we were all about to feel the hands of GOD or should I say the wrath
and fury of Jesus Christ in disguise... with Saint Mary somewhere in-between!!! no where to
run or hide, with the gates of hell open and ready for all the liars to be sentence and made
an example off for committing Perjury under oath.

I will give you a nexus to a sequence of events that unfolded that day...

The first case was about a person? that hit and left so many bruises on his partner body, from
head to toe, by the way, this person worked in a field that...

Let's just say...

Wears a nonconforming uniform that you can buy anywhere and, they work at certain venues?
and, in groups of five to seven people, to be brutally honest with you...

This person lost all control and was full of so much angry, jealousy and anxiety because they though their partner was having an affair with a brother, a cousin and a close friend when they would go to work, with no proof whatsoever.

In fact, if this person had some sort of pet? and, you could have seen the real truth through
their eyes... it could have been a totally different scenario to the tune of, let's just say, this
person is suffering from alcoholism and is always intoxicated with narcotics, plus has
an odor that comes through there decayed skin like a rubbish tip... putting things into a
perspective point of view?

How could you ever blame this person partner for not having copulation with them anymore,
when there's no love or attachment involved in this unstable relationship, these are details
that need to be considered.


It was all due to the palpable facts... that this person was not receiving their daily or weekly
dose of sex or you could say intercourse for months on end.

You might be saying to yourself... how was Perjury committed in the above statement?

It's so simple... this person lied under oath about the whole sequence of events? to a sitting
Judge or Judges in a Australian court of Law and got caught out... That's Perjury.

The second case and synopsis involved a thief, a Solicitor and a Police Officer, I will not
under any circumstances elaborate on this case... I will just tell you how all three people got
caught out lying under oath.

The Thief? just before swearing an oath in court... not knowing that there was a judge sitting in
the background... crossed his fingers behind this back, so that the sitting judge at the front of
the courtroom could not see his real intentions and what he really thought about the Australian Law and the bible or any other religious book whatsoever, before swearing under oath.

Anyway, to cut the story short... about this person? they got caught out lying under oath in a
really big way, so to speak... That's "Perjury" put in a simple and readable layman's terms text.

The next part...

This is going to rock you to the core, it's how this sitting Judge exposed this Solicitor and this
Police office in one go... just like killing two birds with one stone so to speak... both of them
lying under oath.

Get ready for what I am about to tell you, make sure you are seating down please, Why? I am
not so sure you will be able to handle the truth and the outcome of these circumstances...

For starters... I will not disclosed what the case was about, I will just explain how this Solicitor
and Police Officer got in a lot whole of trouble for lying under oath to a sitting Judge in a court
of Law.

Here we go... folks!!! just before the case was up for mention the judge ask this Lawyer and
this Police Officer if all there paperwork was up to date and, in order? as a noble thing to do,
just before proceedings started.

There reply was... yes your honor, all the documentation is up to date, the judge then said to
the two of them, are you sure about your reply, once again, the two of them being the Police
Office and the Lawyer... yes your honor, everything is ready to go.

The judge then said... let's start, he asked this Solicitor a few question first... again just before I
continue to write, I will not disclosed what this case was about.

Anyway, about thirty minutes went bye... and the judge then asked this Lawyer to call up his
first witness, which was a Police Office, he sat down in the witness box and the court registrar came towards him and ask him to swear under oath... to tell the whole truth, and nothing but
the truth so help me GOD... which he did, in front of a pack courtroom.

Just before the Police Office was about to reply to the Lawyers questions? the sitting judge ask
the Police Officer once again... are you sure you have all your paperwork in order?

This is when the second judge sitting in the back of the courtroom dressed so casual became
so suspicious and so apprehensive about so many things, Why? you might be asking yourself,
It's so simple... the sitting judge had already asked the both of them, being the Solicitor and
the Police Office, a few times about there paperwork, so to speak!!!

The second judge new that there was something notoriously and extremely wrong... going
gone? especially with all there paperwork.

An hour went by with so many questions? that were asked and needed with a swift response
and reaction by the Police Office in the witness box, when all of a sudden the sitting judge
at the front of the courtroom grab his wooden gavel, and with an almighty "thunder" and, to
some extent a whip of a "dragon" tail... slam the small block of wood on his table.

Stop all proceedings...

Ten minutes recession!!!

The second judge left the room and went to the common area... For some unknown reason,
he spotted a chilled water dispenser and approach it , he must of had about seven cups of
water, one after one, his brown eyes were so focus... somewhat like a hidden ninja warrior in
a human body suit, ready to serve justice on all? for serious misleading the Australian courts
of Law.

Then this second judge after drinking so much water started walking very slowly around the
main hallway... looking at all the Police Offices and Lawyers directly into their eyes, but with respect, so to speak.

He notice that all the people in the common area were looking at his head because it was fully
of so many scars!!! You could hear different citizens saying... what happen to him, some were
saying it looks like he had been in a wild jungle and fighting for his life against a Crocodile, a
Rhinoceros and a Lion, and somehow defeated them to live another day, but not without those
awful deep scars.

Others were saying... it looks like he had been in hell fighting demons and the djinn himself,
and somehow demolish and destroyed them, but not without those scars that ran from one
side to the other side of his skull... he must have been so lucky to survive such an unthinkable ordeal.

Then there were others saying... who knows how many operations this man has gone through,
and for whatever reason it was... he is still living, looking fit and well on the outside, not so sure
how he is going on the inside, hopefully it has stop and is stable and it won't spread anymore.

Anyhow, you could see the intensity in this second judges body and face as he walked towards
the courtroom... you could hear everyone saying under their breaths, the shit is really going to
hit the fan, and in a really big way!!! so to enunciate.

There was this awful feeling floating around the foyer, somewhat like... hell had open up its
gate, and everyone was saying, when perjury is committed especially by a Lawyer or a
Police Office it has a whole different impact in a court of Law.

Why? because these people... being a Barrister, Lawyer, Solicitor or a Police Officer hold a certain position in a modern day society, which is... to uphold justice, to fight for justices, and
to make sure justices is served, not the opposite thing, which is to prevent justices from
unfolding and being reinforced by a sitting judge... it's that simple

Could you imagine the impingement it would have on the Law when a Lawyer or be it a Police Office lie under oath... it's an unpardonable sin in the eyes of a sitting judge.

Anyway let's move on with the rest of this context.

The doors slam shut to the courtroom, but on this occasion only a hand full of people dared to enter inside this court, a few minutes went by and the sitting judge return, but you could see on
his face the expression of angry and disbelief.
The very first words he uttered... looking so offended and outraged and bitter towards the
Lawyer were, I have sat here for over an hour listening and wasting my precious epoch and
the courts juncture trying to tell you, being more precise and being very specific about seven times during this proceedings is your paperwork in order? for fuck's sake.

The Lawyer knew there and then that something was ghastly and to a point nightmarish
wrong with his evidence and documentation... He said to the judge, your honor may it
please the court to extent me a few minutes of your epoch, the reply from the judge was
not really, but go ahead.

At this point... the second judge sitting in the back of the courtroom notice the Police Office in
the witness box... looking so uncomfortable and his body shaking and just about to vomit all
over the floor, saying to himself what's wrong with my paperwork.

The Solicitor after a few minutes going through his paperwork notice something? that's why
the sitting judge is so ropeable with him being the Lawyer and the Police Office, he looked
up at the judge and said, sorry your honor...

The judge said it's not good enough, ask the Police Officer in whatever way you can to go
over his paperwork until he can see what all the fuss is about, and I want it done swiftly.

Let's leave it there... How was Perjury committed, are you ready for it, they all had the wrong
paperwork in hand, trying to accused this person of a crime he did not commit, but was there
for a different malfeasance...

This is how the Solicitor and Officer were found guilty by entrapment from the two judges after
being asked so many times under oath, is everything in order, with a reply... yes your honor...

What happen to the Lawyer and Police Office... Let's just said, the sitting judge put them on
"notice" with a stern warning, next time it happens in my courtroom or in any Australian court
of Law... it's jail time for the both of you.

Just before I finish this text off... the sitting judge told both the Lawyer and the Police Office, if
this was a common human person that had lie to me under the same circumstances, it would
have been twelve months in jail without question or any remorse whatsoever from a judge.

You won't be so lucky next time it happens, or should I say fortunate... trust me on this quote,
but the second judge interpreted things a little bit differently, so to speak!!! Oh, so now we
have two set of rules, one for people that hold certain positions? in society, and another set
of rules for the weak and the poor or the no-names of society... fucking great, were is the
justices here???
Are you distress and experiencing any form of severe unpleasantness, or you are in danger, desperately in need of help from a savage partner? if so we have an array of barristers, lawyers, solicitors that will help you.

What does it mean... when someone is trying or perverts the cause of justice.

To put it in a very plain and simple readable text, it's when someone? or a group? of people
will fabricate or disposed of evidence or threatening and intimidating a juror or a witness or it could be intimidating or threatening a sitting judge or it could be criminals conspiring with one another to pervert the course of justice... in a local, district, family, supreme, appeals, "federal" which is my cherished one, or the highest being the HIGH COURT... of justice in the land.

Beyond belief and a struggle for existence we will now talk about case #4

Seeking an AVO against someone... that's so cruel untamed somewhat feral and is so
vicious and barbaric, this will apply to both woman and men that are homosapiens and
unhuman genus?

I will tell you about two different cases in regards to an AVO being sort in a court of Law.

The first one...

Has a story line attached to it... it's somewhat funny at times, then it gets serious and
downright mean, as a matter of expressing myself.

It will involve a foxy woman and her divorce husband, a group of men, a gorgeous and
somewhat magnificent seventeen years old black alpha Lupo, and a madman or two
that are homosexual.

Are you ready for it, if not you better go and have your breakfast first, some bacon and eggs
with tomatoes followed by a fruit salad and a croissant buttered with blackberry jam and a cappuccino Why? you'll need it by the time I am done with this story, plus it's good for your
mind, yummy food.

Now I will give you a brief description on the fly about a few characters that I have mention
before getting into the gist of things... somewhat like a painting, first you do the outline in
pencil then you apply all the wonderful colours to it, until it's finished and complete, just
like puzzle.

The first one is about this foxy woman, she is 175cm tall, with really long hair down to her tight
ass, just like a horse tail, so to speak, I won't tell you the colour of her hair, let's just say... it has
the same pigment, and relates to a specific match box? a small clue... the colour has three
"letters" only.

She had a body that most women would die for... if I had to describe it, I would say a
supermodel without any flaws whatsoever from head to feet, with a set of DD tits to top it
all of, just like putting the cream on top of a cake... perfect,

Furthermore... this foxy woman had a set of the most beautiful cobalt eyes I had ever seen
on a woman, they were a little bit bigger than a normal human... and she had a face on the
longish side of things, again never seen before in my life, but it suited her down to a tee with
her hair.

Just before I go on, if there were any flaws with foxy? I would say to her, not to make her feel
bad or anything, it's just my opinion... go and get a boob reduction, size B which is the best
and I love the most or C if you like something just a little bit bigger, also I notice on so many occasions? you wouldn't smile, go and get a new set of teeth or fix them due to your past?...

You can have any man that your heart desires foxy? you are so, so beautiful what are you
waiting for... Jesus Christ, the Holy Grail, a Knights Templar, and a Ninja that's all rolled into
one person, he does not exist anymore, Why? do you remember that you foxy? and the community rejected him and Lupo or should I say the Lion King... named storm, lightning,
thunder... you no his name

He left... and, if there is such a man that exist, he is suppressing his whereabouts somewhere
in Sydney... and is waiting for the love of his life? or getting ready to leave to meet her
somewhere in Australia or overseas, do you blame him foxy... after six months of trying to tell
you so many things? about himself... and you invited him and Lupo inside your home for
months on end.

Look at the extent that I have gone through with my real teeth at my age? four and a half
years with fucking braces on them... just to get them straight and perfect so I can smile a
start kissing and pashing so many woman again or its for the one and only true love that's
in my heart always hey look at me now, I can smile again without getting abashed or feeling so awkward anymore.

Sorry if you get offended by my remarks... in the above statements!!! but, it's the TRUTH.

The second personage is this handsome alluring black alpha Lupo that grew up in Gladesville N.S.W Sydney Australia, and was known as the Lion King... in Kirribilli, Pyrmont, Hunters Hill, Cronulla, Miranda, Oyster bay, Connells Point, Kyle Bay, Blakehurst, Putney and Tennyson

Why? let's just say... he form the most beautiful friendships and alliance with so, so many
smart, gorgeous, ravishing and powerful women? he was a real ladies man, he also form a powerful alliance with a few good men, additional to the above few lines, he marked all of
his territory on a daily bases for years on end...

Just to let everyone know who he was and who his master? was and happen to be, what do
I mean by [was], simply put... he die on the 10-03-2015 and absolutely broke my heart for
months and months on end... somewhat like the light in my life had gone or became extinct perpetually, just imagine a father and a son being together for seventeen years, then in a
blink of an eye, gone forever... never to return home to his master, it almost killed me.

Now let me elaborate on this statement... what do I mean by he marked all of his territory?
the easiest way to explain this is, he used to lift his back legs, sometimes it was the right one, then the left one, depending on which way he saw fit to do his business, the places? that he marked? were in the hundreds, they also included lots of trees, walls, stairs and gates... so
to speak!!!

Other points that's needs to be put out there or mention is... he was very choosy with his
women, in fact... the best of the best, somewhat like the pedigrees and thoroughbreds
choose him, and yes, we are talking about both human and nonhuman girls/women, such
a lucky horny Lupo while his master watched and was by his side thinking... how about
you give me a few human women.

We will skip all the details on the group of men... let's just say they were a group of
multicultural guys from so many different backgrounds and culture and religions beliefs.

The only one that I will give you a brief description on is this guy that wore this T shirt with a
very specific design... are you ready for what I am about to tell you, in your wildest dreams
what do you think was on it??? are you ready... I belong to satan or it may have be the
church of satan.

What kind of message? do you think this would put out in a community? or how do you think
a family would feel seeing this person walking around with this T shirt on next to your children,
and looking at them... Well? give me your answers I am waiting for a reply!!!

While I go on a brake and have a cigarette or two with a glass of bulleit bourbon and coke.

Now we come to these two madman that are homosexual... the first one if I had to describe
him in a few sentences would go something like this, about 155cm tall, white in skin colour,
body type a skeleton with a little bit of human skin throw on it, very unclean to a point that you could smell death all around him or an odor of an unwashed garbage bin from about ten
meters away, born in the year of the tiger in the Chinese calendar? and drinks one to two
cases of beer a day, very abusive, disrespectful, and vituperative towards everyone,
especially towards girls/women.

The second homosexual If I had to explain it in writing would go somewhat like this... about
165cm tall, drab in skin colour, very unhealthy, an odor somewhat like someone is dying in a
hospital bed connected to a life support machine full of medicine coming from his skin, only
eats spicy foods with his hands, very possessive and obsessive, very sneaky somewhat like
a two face person that only cares about his ethnic group? only showers once every two weeks,
a really tight ass with money, to a point that he uses everyone to do his work without paying

Just before I go on... do you know what I am doing?

If not, let me explain...

In legal terms, I am putting together a brief for a group of Barristers, Solicitors, Lawyers so
to speak... Why? this is part of the process that's involved when seeking an AVO against a
person or a group of people?

Let me elaborate on this a little bit more, put simply... when you provided so much evidence
and  hard core facts? e.g photos, videos, voice recordings the stronger your case will be,
now just a small note to keep in mind, sometimes parts of the evidence you provide will not
be used.


It might be irrelevant to the case, you just don't no... that's why it's always better to put
everything in your summary, because on the flip side of the coin, sometimes just a small
piece of evidence or information is all you need to win or crucified the dirty bastards in
court, as a matter of expressing myself.

Lets continue on with my brief... please be patient I am almost finish, just a little bit more
before I get into the gist of things, or should I say the cases, a few more facts with some more ammo and material that could give you some enlightenment.

We will have a little bit of fun now... just to brake things up, it's all to do with this case, but it's
so funny what happens with foxy, the black alpha Lupo and his master.

It's really juicy stuff... so get ready for it.

For starters foxy was introduce to me by a young twenty five year old Egyptian Muslim guy
that live at this complex that I and Lupo had just moved in, as my memory recalls... about
two or three weeks later, so to speak and as a matter of mention things yes, she was an
Australian women.

Anyhow as soon as she saw Lupo she ran towards me, can I please huge him, my reply was...
let him come to you, he is very protective of me and who I come into contact with, sure enough
he walked towards her, I said to her stay still, out of all the places he could have put his nose
in, he went straight for her you no what? and took a massive sniff then pulled back and sat
down licking his nose, I am ready for you foxy to huge me as much as you like... you are a
hot babe.

So this was somewhat the start of so many things that would transpire over the next few
months between me and Lupo and foxy with her three cats... that she called ladies.

And, it was also going to be the start of a war... between me and the first homosexual guy
that I describe just above born the year of the tiger, coming up against a budo loin/dragon
in disguise.


The only reason I have put this photo on display is... for two "Widows?" and there families,
and for foxy? just in case she forgets who we were...

Moving on with this brief... about four weeks went by when all of a sudden foxy came to my
unit, hey ??? are you there, yes foxy what's wrong, can we talk, sure but not here, can you
come over to my place with Lupo, my reply was yes... give me about thirty minutes, her reply
was Ok, would you like me to make you a cup of coffee and do you want a nice cold glass
of water too...

Yes if you don't mine foxy... see you soon.

Anyhow over we go, Lupo and myself... what's wrong foxy, nothing I just want to talk to you,
what about, just a few things if that's Ok, sure just as long as it's not to personal.

I was wondering... if I could help you out with Lupo for a while, just to make your life a little bit
easier while you work on your computer and look for work, my reply was, what's the catch foxy,
and what's it going to cost me... her reply was, zip, nil I want your company and it would be so good for me to have Lupo around...

He is so beautiful that I just want to look at him all day and to protect me, what... are you in
some kind of trouble foxy, no... I just want you and Lupo around me, are you sure about what
you are saying to me foxy, you are not hiding anything from me are you, no nasty surprises?

Like a bikie from hell or the bread man or a handyman/gardener or a civil engineer or a
council worker or a motor mechanic or a guy that works in a fruit stand or a taxi driver or
someone that works in a restaurant/cafe or a plumber, or a student that's going to university
trying to get a PHD a bus driver, a bartender, a tram conductor, a radio announcer, a surfer,
a politician, or a teacher or an ex lover or a ex co worker or a lazy boy or someone that's so mentally ill or a vet... or a very possessive news man, or someone that works in IT, or a
builder or a cook or a security guard, or a tiler, or a cleaner, or a garbologist, or a carpenter,
or a bricklayer, or a labour, or a painter, or a musician, or a bodybuilder or a ex banker or an
ex VID producer or your ex husband are you foxy.

No, please trust me, I need you so much and Lupo Why? foxy... lets just say I need a new life
and a new beginning with someone so special just like you, be my hero and my world... my
reply was, foxy I am not so sure I understand what you are asking of me?

But, I need to ask you once again, just to make sure that I heard things right, none of the
above people that I have mention are causing you any type of grief or they will cause me any problems whatsoever because of Lupo.

No, trust me please... Ok!!!

I have to go now foxy... I will be back later on tonight to pick up Lupo and we can talk some
more before I go home, is that Ok with you, her reply was yes, can I kiss you on your cheek
before you go, why not foxy... I am only a human being with a beautiful warm heart.

I need a little bit of affection and warmth to, it's been years since I broke up and had any kind
of physical contact, so go for it foxy.

Anyway, later on that night I return to her place, got out of the car and went to pick up Lupo, I
saw foxy sitting on the stairs with Lupo and her three cats close by, as I approach her I notice
that she had been crying, what's wrong foxy, huge me please ??? what happen!!!

Foxy please talk to me... I miss my three children so much and you would not believe it, my ex
husband rang and started to abuse me over the phone.

What about foxy...

He wanted to know who you were and who does Lupo belong too, what... yes ???, someone
from the area rang him and told him about you, how long has it been since you have spoken to
him foxy, almost seven months, and I've been divorced for almost three years now, he always
does this to me when I meet someone new.

He never wants me to fall in love with anyone ever again for the rest of my life... he is so, so 
enslaving and possessive, why can't he just get on with his fucking life, what a pathetic low life
bastard, I never ever hassle him when he is with a new woman.

Foxy you need to ring the police and tell them what has just happen... no ??? it going to cause
me so many problems, all of a sudden, she started crying again, my kids, my beautiful children
I want them back with me.

I was so shock about so many things that she told me that night... it was if she had just pour
her heart and soul onto me... and wanted me to do something about her situation? I was
thinking to myself... if I get involved, what kind of mess am I going to get myself in.

At this point of time... it was so late in the night, Foxy I need to go home with Lupo and sleep,
I am so tried, I think its best that I don't come here anymore... no, no ??? I want you here with
me please, you are such a wonderful human gentleman please don't go.

Look at my eyes ??? who do you think I am? if you come back tomorrow with Lupo we will
go and have breakfast together and talk about a few more things if you like, foxy let me sleep
on this one, I don't wont to get involved with anyone that's going to cause me trouble, can I
kiss you goodnight... sorry foxy not this epoch just in case there is someone watching you,
Ok take care.

That night I was absolutely exhausted, I couldn't even remove my clothes, anyhow I went to
sleep with Lupo beside me... and for some unknown reason I started having this awful dream about my past, it's when Lupo started licking both of my feet, and then approach my face and started licking it for a few minutes, still unable to wake up from my harrowing specter, Lupo
then started with his nose pushing me around until I woke up.

As I started coming around, all I could feel on my body was all this saliva... I looked at Lupo
and said, what happen to me? he looked at me in such an awkward way... and somehow
said to me are you Ok, he then walked to the door and looked back at me, I need to do my business, I can't hold it anymore.

It was about 4.30 am in the morning, do you think that I could fall asleep again, no way, foxy
was on my mind and to top it all of, Lupo wanted to play, as if he was saying to me... your
not going back to sleep my friend, your got a date with foxy, so make the most of it.

Now before I continue on with this brief... do you see what I have put together? if not, here is
a real quick explanation, all of a sudden you can start to understand and see how her, yes
we are taking about foxy... ex husband came into the picture... so to speak!!! and if I really
wanted to, could have subpoena her as my first witness!!!

I could have also subpoena the egyptian muslim guy as my second witness Why? I used to
talk to him on so many occasions because he was so depressed and wanted my advice on
so many things? plus Lupo and myself went without food on two occurrences because he
had no food or money and was starving, plus over four months... witness? so many things
that happen with this homosexual guy.

Let's not forget about this third guy... he was of lebanese descent and this homosexual guy
wanted to kill him with a pair of scissors, that I had to ring the police to come out ASAP
before there was going to be a blood bath, by the way... it was all recorded and heard by
the operator threw my phone, and to add fuel to the fire, over four months saw everything
that this homosexual guy was trying to do, I could have also subpoena this guy if I wanted to.

We now how three witness to so many facts that happen... so to speak

What does a Subpoena mean... put so simply, it's issued to a person? or a group of people?
to testify and provide evidence under oath if they were a witness? or no about the facts? by
a court of law.

Just a little bit more info, and we will get straight into the cases, as a matter of citation.

We will get a little bit technical now... if that's Ok by you.

But, before we take off... what have I done, put simply!!! I have draw two pictures so far, the
first one is of a beautiful young ballerina dancing, first the outline in pencil then used whatever colours I needed to finish it off.

The second picture is of a young beautiful woman with her baby boy touching a lion, again the
outline first in pencil, but this epoch I haven't applied any colour just yet, Why? it takes a lot of through and patients when choosing your colours.

It's exactly the same thing when preparing a brief for a group of Barristers, Lawyers, Solicitors
before going to court or submitting it for evidence... so a judge can understand what the case
is going to be all about.

Now I will talk about the technical side of things... this is really good stuff, and it's super smart
as a matter of expressing myself.

Let's just say if I was a judge of some sort... e.g Judge Dredd or Christ but, incognito? and
was so tech savvy with all the technology available to me and these agencies!!! ASIO, AFP, National Security, Secret Services, CIA, ICAC, ACCC, Interpol... and all the federal courts
which would oversee all of the government policies and politicians.

And, a very serious case arose... it was about a person that was of national and worldwide
interest, somewhat like a living treasure? e.g the holy grail uncovered by a female cherub
but, incog... so to speak.

And, it was about truth and justice... somewhat like a scale that will determine our future e.g
do we go back? to how it used to be or do we move forward into a new life? and beginning!!!
it can only be one or the other... there is no third option Why? you all killed him/her???


Now we all know about Google Earth... Right? do you no how it works? put simply, by
thousands of satellites in space that records everything every minute of the day as the
Earth spins around in a three hundred and sixty degrees clockwise rotation by video,
then store it on so many computer servers with a timeline.

What is a timeline... it is all about the epoch e.g date, minute and hour in that day. Then we
have so many agencies? with there only satellites that can go even further than just video recordings, they can also record your voice conversion with other people without you knowing anything, it's pretty sneaky stuff Right? somewhat like a snake that's camouflage in a tree and
you only no it's there when it's just about to attack and bite you... what a rotten mammalian gnat.

With that said... could you even imagine what a really savvy judge could do or get his hands
on before a court case was due for mention or a person that wanted to get an AVO against
a group of people or a person? that was so tech savvy? and got all this information and
stored everything into the cloud??? so he could access it when the right moment came
around for justice.

What do you think... pretty cool stuff, Right!!! how many human and nonhuman people do you
think would get caught out lying under oath... Please give me a figure?

There are a few other points or things that you need to no... for e.g do you know what a event
number is, speaking so frankly, it's when you ring the police to come to your place because
there is a problem, I will leave this one open Why?

There are so many reason that I person might call the gendarme Right? this website has a
few examples for you to go off and study.

Over a period of four months... this homosexual guy, yes we are talking about the first one,
had not one, or two, but three police event numbers recorded against him by me, and
countless others by so many other people living within the complex... somewhat like a real
dirty pest.

Now you can start to put things together, what do I mean? you could have said that I was a
real pick, asshole, a vile racist or a tirade tongue-lashing scumbag that did not approve of
this homosexual and his ways Right?

But, the facts speak for themselves, so many other people living within this building were
ringing the police about this same person? every week or every second week because he
was so, so unhuman and disrespectful towards eighty per cent of all the residence within
the complex, who is the rotten one now? with so many police events against his name.

As I like to say... the proof is in the pudding and without a shadow of a doubt for all to see
and read about, somewhat like the news... but, not as you no it. Go ??? yes, yeppie, give
me more?

Then there is these two MP that got involved... what do I mean by MP?, simply put, it stands
for a [Member of Parliament] in Australia!!! we have State and Federal so to speak, anyhow
just to put things down in black and white and on paper, they were two state MP, one was
from the Liberal Party and the other was from the Labour Party.

I can't even recall how many times I approached these two men at their offices, and explaining
to them what has been going go at this complex for the last few months with this person? they both asked me to provide them with evidence... which I did, then over the next few months that went by... a few letters were sent to, the courts, to the police station that looked after that area
and to the department of housing.

Adding more fuel to a fire that's burning out of control... how many letters and phone calls
were made to the department of housing about this infected virus and what he was doing at
this place, let's not forget, how many times did offices from the department of housing come
out and take photos and made a commitment and guarantee to me that something would be
done about this person? also how many meetings did I have to attend with people in senior
position from the department of housing because of this person? to be honest with you, I
lost count.

If I had to tell the PM of Australia a few things? it would go somewhat like this... but, just
before I go on, what does PM mean, to put it in an old fashioned and readable way... it
means the Prime Minister of Australia.

That the Liberal MP won hands down, let me elaborate on this a little bit more, firstly all of his
letters were written with a lot of through, and the words that he used were so beautiful, very
detail with a lot of meaning behind them.

Secondly, everyone at his office... treated me with so much respect and were so friendly, also
this MP made me feel like he was here to help me, no matter what, Why? it's our job, and
you can talk to anyone of us because we are all human beings, thank God for that, also rang
to see how things were going in court and with the department of housing a few times, a
solicitous MP

As for the Labour MP... it felt so distant and disconnected, never meet him, always through
his secretary, and his letters were substandard for a person in that position, not even one
call, sad?

Just a small note now... it's all to do with the law, this situation that I am writing about also has
so many other implications Why? it falls under the law of... duty of care!!! look it up...

The department of housing, under law... failed in it's duty of care for starters, and fail to
respond to a person safety and wellbeing... which is a policy, and his concerns!!! I will leave
it at that.

We now how even more evidence against this homosexual guy... but, with a heavy hand,
so to speak, Why? we now have two MP that are concern about my welfare and the deadly
effect that this situation could or will have on so many people if not resolved by the courts

Another way of put it, as a matter of mention is... I have now completed my first painting on
this absolutely beautiful young ballerina dancing to her heart happiness, then I finished of
my second painting of this young but, much more mature beautiful woman with her baby boy touching a lion.

Now I have arrived at my masterpiece... so to speak!!! a painting about a woman all grow up,
with everything within the gasp of her hands if she wants it? or turns the other way and forgets
about everything???

But, before I continue... a very important note!!! some more ammunition for you, did you no
that a everyday dairy, could be used or is classified as a legal document in court, Why?
here is an example for you, If you use a dairy to make a lodgement for a meeting, or to call
someone, or to remind you of a commitment that's due on a date, or to record events, facts,
and problems that someone is doing or causing you everyday, it's a legal document which is admissible by the courts...

And, you guess right, I also used a dairy to record all of these events that this person? was
doing to me, and writing things down right in front of him as they happen. We now have a
unabridged amount of evidence for the courts.

A brief description about this painting!!! it goes somewhat like this...

She is all grow up, very mature now and just a few years below her forties, a very successful
woman that busted her ass and at the same time is bring up her little family on her own, Why?
she had to deal with an awful and painful tragedy... that's beyond most people understanding, unless the same thing has happen to you.

Here is the painting in detail... Its about this woman and a wooden ladder that has two sides to
it, on one side, she is dressed in the most beautiful white wedding dress that I have ever seen
on her and she is about half way up the ladder, on the other side of the ladder she is wearing
the most gorgeous after dinner or going out dress that I have ever seen on her, it's silver on top
then golden from her hips down to feet, again she is half way up the ladder on the other side.

Now that I have described it, let me give you the meaning behind it... if that's Ok by you.

The ladder plays a major role in this picture, it's not just about her, Why? for starters the
ladder has two sides, it could represent that in life things will always go your way, then we
have the other side that could represent that things won't go the way you want things to be,
that's number one!!!

Number two... on one side of the ladder it could represent that she is really to move on with
her life and start something new with another person that she will love for the rest of her life unconditional, I wish it was me, but I would be kidding myself.

Why? she is to good for me and on about 400K per year... it's just a thought and a dream that
I believe in for years and years.

Number three... on the other side of the ladder, she is all grow up and very mature a mother
that works hard and is starting to enjoy life, but within her means because of a couple of little ones, it's not all fun and games, it's bloody hard work bring up a family.

Number four... this wooden ladder has steps on both sides, it could represent that in life, no
matter which side you take, everything has to be in steps to get to the top, sometimes we go
up, sometimes we go down, and there are other times when we feel that being in the middle,
half way up this ladder is safe, comfortable and stable, somewhat like I am not ready to go
up any further just yet, because I feel unsafe, and unsecured.

Number five... it could represent a mountain, somewhat like life, you start climbing step by
step on one side of the ladder until you reach the top, then you come down the other side,
just like life, Right? you are born, then you live, then you die.

Number six... it could symbolize that a husband and wife are working together, a team and
thinking about the same thing in life, one is on the right side and the other is on the left side,
but, the most important thing is... they are working as one to get to the top.

Number seven... it could epitomize that this dazzling woman and this splendid man after five
years have reach the top, and became one heart, one mind and one soul, somewhat like a
pair of perfect matching humans beings getting ready to tie the knot, to start a unbelievable journey as a solid unshakable one woman and one man as a physical entity...

Shit that picture... took a whole lot of explaining Right? what's that got to do with this AVO,
here's the catch of the day, everything must be put in order and in detail when you supply a
group of Solicitors, Barristers, and Lawyers when going to court for a judge, the more
information you provide the stronger your case will be, it's that simple.

We will now talk about foxy for a bit and, then get straight into this case... sorry it's taken so

Just to set the annals straight... foxy is not her real name, I am only using it because it suits
her persona so much.

Anyway, foxy and myself for months on end used to go to a coffee shop in the morning so
she could get her hit with her favourite smoothies and, at the same epoch so I could get my
hit with a cappuccino or two.

The first thing that we use to talk about was family e.g kids, friends, and our siblings...

It was the best thing for the both of us, Why? it seem as we had bottle up so much of our past,
that it somehow was stopping the both of us in moving forward with our life and finding true
love once again, it was so depressing at times, especially when kids were involved, we use to
almost start crying everyday, that both of our eyes were fill with so many teardrops that could
have filled a glass or two.

Then there were other days that felt so cheeky and downright incredible and so inconceivable.

There was lots of touching and feeling each other out and so much teasing and flirting going
on between us, she use to love taking of her shoes and with her feet started playing with my
feet, somewhat like a foot massage, it was so refreshing and different.

Then we use to love feeling each other hands, arms and face, and then there was all this
teasing and flirting going on for months on end, she would wear the most beautiful outfits
to show of her amazing figure, especially her tone body and super flat perfect tummy, and
those great boobs.

By the way... we are talking about a mother with three kids that is a few years younger than
me, by the way, I am 48 years old, it was so incredible just looking at her everyday, such a beautiful woman that always looked after herself, also she never ever worn thongs, such a etiquette and classy and exquisite female... from the inside and out, Wow!!! lucky me.

Then there were the nights we use to get ready to hit the town...

She would were the most raunchy and seductive clothes that she had, also she would put
on the most pulchritudinous shoes to suit her outfits... plus coddle her whole body with a
blend of amazing and sophistication aromas that would send my mind into overdrive?

And, the best bit was...

She used to call me over to get really close to her, then gently with her hands behind my
head, pull my face towards her chest and rub it in-between her hooters and say, what do
you think of this perfume, does it smell Ok...

My reply was, foxy you just made me feel like I have been to heaven and back, you are a
woman that doesn't hold back or shy... you are a wild one, but I love it so much because
you make me feel so special and wanted like a real man... keep it coming, I won't say no!!!

She also had this breathtaking appetite for beguilement with me... with physiological
influences the would somehow stimulate my mind and body and at the same epoch
quench her desires, thirst and craving.

She had a real knack of doing things around me and Lupo... she loved showing me her
lingerie everyday by leaving her legs wide open when we had coffee together, her remarks
were, what do you think ???

Do you like what you see, give me your warm beautiful human hand and start from the
bottom of my leg and work your way up to my panties and consume my fantasy about
you, I won't hold back from you... I am falling in love for the very first time in my life...

And, it's real love not sex or anything like that, it's so, so different being around you ???
there's something that is so special about you that I have to change my undies two to three
times a day because I can not stop leaking... look at my eyes ??? who do you really think I
am or look like, I have known you for years and want to have a baby with you, please.

My reply was... I am not so sure I understand foxy, I am only a human being that cares about
you and other people that are close and genuine, authentic, truthful and pukka with me and
have no hidden agenda going go in the background... or should I say, to benefit a group? of people or persons? on the sly, without me knowing what's going on.

Just before I go on you might be saying to yourself... this seems to me like a love story and
has nothing to do with seeking an AVO, well let me tell you something sport, you are so, so
wrong in thinking that way Why?

It has everything to do with seeking an AVO, let me explain, we now have an ex divorce
husband going crazy full of anger and rage, then we have this group of men at this complex
where Lupo and myself are living that became so resentful and so jealous...


Because I was taking foxy out to dinner, plus we would go to the pub to play pool and have a
few drinks together, also there was a few times that we went dancing and once we hit that
dance floor we showed everyone what dirty and seductive dancing was all about... forget the movie? we were the real deal that sent everyone into a frenzy? let's not forget, we also had a few lunches together at a park or two lying down and looking up at the celeste sky and saying
to one another... that's heaven on a few occasions as friends.

By the way, her favorite food was fish and chips and my was a steak with wedges, but the
most important thing here is, I use to tell foxy about everything that was going on between me
and the rest e.g. the first homosexual person that was causing me all these problems, also
as a matter of mention things, the person that wore that colourfully T shirt I belong to satan...

Which was this homosexual bitch, that a few people within the complex and foxy told me
later on, I was so confused for months on end why this person would scream and not speak
in a human manner towards this guy with that T shirt...

The homosexual guy would always say to him... hay romania where are you, I haven't got all
day, get your ass up here right now, by the way, we are talking about a so called man in his
undies ona concrete balcony which was in the common area of the building, screaming from
the  top of his voice to his bitch, Wow!!! that was a first encounter for me, so to speak... so I
rang the police.

Then we have this egyptian guy, Why? because he wanted to no what was happening
between foxy and myself, which was none of his bloody business anyway because she
was a friend in need of good company...

And, chooses to stay away from any bad influence or people that wanted to mislead her and
take away her happiness with me on her only accord and free will, so to speak... because
she wanted to have so much fun with me why? because I made her feel like a extraordinary woman that had a sense and purpose in life no matter what... man was she one hot yummy

Hopefully you can see where this is all heading now... it's not a love story, I am putting
together all the facts for you, so you can understand how and why, I said at the beginning
of this AVO my first witness would have been foxy.

A few more facts now... about two and half months had gone by, foxy and myself started
talking about a few other things, we became good friends not lovers, or friends with benefits
or did we have sex, we were like two teenagers playing and flirting around so much, it
reminded  me when life was carefree, new and, with no commitments... just work and play.

Anyway, I started telling foxy about these guys where I live and wanted to no more about a
few of them... foxy said ??? most of those guys are criminals that have been in jail and have records and the other half are mentally ill, then there are a few of you that are normal, I
through so foxy.

Don't you think that housing is discriminating against me... you bet your tight ass it is, how can
a normal person live with a bunch of misfits that drink and smoke pot all day, and try to live in
peace and somehow put there life back together, it's impossible ??? not around these guys, I
have been living in this area for over five years trying to get housing to relocate me because
it's so unhealthy for my kids and myself.

Just before I go on... the above couple of statements also fall under the Discrimination Law!!! Why? put in readable text, the department of housing not only failed in it's duty of care Act and
a person safety and wellbeing Act, it also discriminated against a normal healthy human being
mental attitude, mental state of mind and mental sense and reasoning by causing an unstable
environment for him or her...

Why? here's the kicker... as a manner of expressing myself.

By putting normal human people with criminals and mentally unstable humanistic and to
some extent unhuman, that are known by the department of housing by way of a date base
that is akin to so many other government agencies that discloses people's backgrounds
and their anterior, also there gleefully records that stretch on and on just like a highway so
to speak...

It is an unforgivable excuse to use or change a person understanding and milieu as they have always know it... Why? for starters it's quite criminal? it has the magnitude and extent to alter
a person beliefs e.g what is right or wrong, a person religion, a person way of living e.g not
in a criminal way, but in a loving way as he or she has always know!!! here's another fucking
way of putting this quote straight, it's almost like trying to "brainwash" someone to become
like them.

Foxy I need to tell you about something that happen the other day, I already know ??? a few of
the guys rang me and told me that you almost rip apart that filthy deviant pig sleazebag eyes and testicles out with one strike of your hands because he called you names and said things
about your mother that were so offensive, what do you think foxy, should I go to the police!!!

No ??? let me talk to him, make sure you put him straight foxy and tell him to leave me alone, because there will be no next time, I won't hold back, and don't forget to tell him that I am not
into his contaminated ways with men, because I love women and I am a man on the inside
and out.

The next day was somewhat of a surprise for me, Why? foxy could see that me and Lupo
hadn't sleep all night long, and she was so worried by what was going through my mind, so
she started asking me a few questions about her, what would you change about me...

My reply was... nothing foxy, you are so beautiful, come on ??? I won't get upset is there
anything that you would remodel about me, Ok foxy, since you have put it that way, a set of
B cups boobs because they are not your real one's and a brand new set of straight teeth
that are so linen that would go with that smile and those beatific lips, that's it foxy.

That's so cool ??? you make me feel so good about myself that I cry and cry when you and
Lupo leave and go home to sleep, By the way ??? they are real not fake I never had a boob
job done on then, stop rolling your eyes ??? it's the truth, foxy I have never ever seen a
woman that has a pair of tits that are so big and they are rock hard.

Ok smart ass, are you sure, yes foxy... I no of a surgeon that does these operations and there
is three places that are used for this enlargement, one is around your nipples, the second one
is under your boob line, and the third one is from the side of your chest, by the way foxy, you
can never ever completely hide those scars... there always a fine line.

Come here ass hole, what foxy, are you ready, ready for what... I have a surprise for you, what
is it, all of a sudden she takes of her top, Wow foxy, well check them out for any scars and tell
me if they are real or fake, so like a doctor I started looking and feeling for anything that was irregular and to my bewilderment they were real, I was blown away, How foxy... I have been exercising them for over twelve years and everyday.

That was also a first off... crazy encounter for me, ??? look at my eyes!!! who am I or look
like? I don't no foxy, Ok take of your shoes Why? I want to show you something, wait here I
am going to get a mirror from my bedroom, a few seconds when by and foxy said, let's get
back to back and check our height, so we did, what do you think ??? pretty close, yes foxy,
now let me put on a pair of shoes, what about our height now, you are a little bit taller than me.

Foxy please stop, what are you trying to tell me... I use to have blonde hair before, and now
it's this colour for a reason, can I show you something else, why not... don't be afraid, Ok foxy
what now, I am going to logon into my facebook account and show you a photo? well ??? do
I look like her, to be honest with you foxy... no, you look so different.

I am falling in love with you ??? stop it foxy I have only known you for ten weeks, no ??? I have
been waiting for you for almost five years now, stop it foxy or I will leave, please listen to me,
what foxy, I want to have a baby or two with you because you mean the world to me, foxy I am
going home with Lupo this is insane, please don't go... I will stop, let's go out and party, Ok.

That night we went to a liquor store and got a few drinks to take with us into town, it was a big
night... first off we went to darling harbour, then we hit the rocks followed by circular quay, with
foxy taking so many photos of us together... then we finish of the night in balmain in a pub.

It was a really big night for the both of us...

Now... do you remember what I wrote at the begin of this AVO, if not go to start and see!!!
this is when things started getting out of hand and became so nasty with this group of guys
that lived in the same complex as myself, plus her ex divorce husband and these two
homosexual men started an all out war with me and foxy.

That's why I have always ask people to read in-between the lines when a write, this is not a
love story, but about facts... that you need to know when you apply of an AVO... If you get
my drift.

Let me now paint you a picture of foxy... if that's Ok by you!!!

Foxy was a women that would always go to church every Sunday, she always wore this
elegant somewhat refined gold necklaces with a little gold cross on it that was giving to
her by her mum, which represents that she is a women of the cross, plus she believes
in Jesus and God as one, or just like I have said so many times before... father and
son!!! she was a very religious lass.

I remember speaking to her about the cross one day, the conversion went something like this,
foxy do you no the true meaning behind the cross, her reply was yes, it's the light of Jesus, my reply was no... you are so wrong foxy, stop being a smart ass ??? what does it mean to you!!!

Are you ready for what I am about to tell foxy... wait ??? let me go and get a bottle of water for
you and me first, then hit me with your wisdom, OK whenever your ready... lets go smart ass,
I am ready...

Firstly and foremost I need to know foxy that you will just listen to my opinion and it's only my
opinion, well I am waiting Leonardo da vinci or should I call you a ninja in discussed, stop
it foxy.

Yes I will listen, come on... let me hear your reasoning behind the cross, well for starters it's
an ancient way of the light that is used as a last resort for anyone that is in sin or stuck in
the dark, bullshit ??? it is foxy, also foxy it means the Jesus suffered, was humiliated, was
tortured, and made to feel like an mammalian... not like a human being that deserves
respect!!! like his father deity that have always been one entity... and they have always
been men not the retrogression?

Foxy your hands are shaking and you are starting to cry, Why? who are you ??? I am a
human being foxy... no, no who are you really ???, lets drink some water together first foxy,
calm down please foxy, tell me now, can I show you a picture that's been inside my wallet
for over thirty years, hurry up I am freaking out...

So I open up my wallet and said to her, look foxy what do you see, on my God ??? Jesus is touching his heart and there is celeste and cerise light coming from it, what else foxy... is that
saint Mary, yes foxy, also when I was a little boy I was an altar boy at saint francis xavier.

You are scaring me ??? can I show you a few more things foxy, yes ??? I love you with all
my heart and soul, relax please, I have a gold necklaces too foxy, what's on it, are you
ready!!! yes, yes please show me, so I pull it out and said look at it foxy...

My God ??? I can't believe my eyes...

You have the lion king ring, the most beautiful cross that I have ever seen, the face of Jesus,
a horseshoe, the letter G with a little diamond on it, by the way foxy that stands for my real
name in Italian not for God, Ok ??? you also have a dragon, a beautiful heart, the moon
and the stars as one piece, yin and yang, plus two other things on it... what do they stand
for??? one is the dragon flame, the other stands for a warrior, also foxy the dragon was
giving to me by Soke!!!

I want your babies now ??? please clam down foxy... I haven't finished yet, I can't wait my
body feels so energized, what are you doing to me ??? clam down foxy and drink some
more water.

Not to offend you foxy... but the way of the light is through Jesus heart, not the cross, I
believe you so much, let's start a family together please... foxy stop it, this is not how it
works for me, I have only known you for ten weeks, plus I need you to understand that
there is a pizzazz that's so close to my heart...

Don't tell me that there is another women? is there ??? I need to leave now, no please
wait!!! what foxy, do you believe in true love ???, yes I do... I want to pomp you a thing or
two, but you must promise me you won't ell or rivet any anger or get miff or become fret,
Ok ??? I will.

Let me go home and I will come straight back with my computer and I few other trappings
I have to give you some kind of insight as to why I won't go down the wrong path and have
a child with just anyone because of their looks.

So of I go, once I arrived at my place I was confronted by foxy ex divorced husband, plus a
few guys and that first homosexual blattaria, hey dickhead look at me... my reply was, I am
video recording everything you do or say to me with my phone, and I am about to call the
police if you don't get out of my way... so what's it going to be sport, his reply was, such a
typical wog, is that it ass wipe, are you trying to intimidate or provoke me because it's all
being recorded, fuck you.

Anyway I get all of my things that I wanted to show foxy... and within a few minutes I was
back at foxy place... when I saw her I said foxy your ex was at my place waiting for me, her
reply was, I no because a few people had just rang me... is everything going to be Ok, yes?
are you sure foxy, yes ??? alright then, sit down I have a few things I want you to see.

Can I show you a photo foxy... yes ??? its to do with someone that I respect so much and
adore with all of my heart, foxy reply was... is she as stunning and as ravishing as me, you
be the judge of that foxy, well show me ??? let me have a look, you better not do anything
foolish or moronic with this photo foxy... I wont ??? you mean so much to me, Ok here it is.

My yahweh she is so, so beautiful, you both look so good together, isn't she that woman
from the VID that talks about the news Monday to Friday... yes foxy, please hold my hand ???
I am snuggling with the through of her and you being friends or becoming one, she looks so different and so, so beautiful with you... what a great body and a great set of tone legs ??? is
this what you wanted me to see and understand ??? there is a lot more involved, but that's personal.

Now I can comprehend, tolerate and appreciate why you are holding back from me, it's not
so easy foxy when you are confronted by a supermodel just like you and not take up that
offer to go that one step further... so to speak, I still want to have a baby with you ??? does
she need to no everything you do, not really foxy but, that would make me somewhat of a
sleazebag, Right.

Foxy I want you to pay attention now, this is where everything has gone wrong... and I need
a second opinion and a fresh pair of eyes to confirm that what I see? you also see the same
thing, alright right ??? what is it... study the photo of her and me!!! Ok now what...

That photo was taken three years ago when everything was so perfect, and I believed that we
were going to get marry, really ??? yes foxy with all of my human heart, what happen? look at
these photos of her now... shit ??? she looks so different now, can you see what I can see yes,
yes your right, now check out this video...

Holy shit ??? you are joking right, no foxy I downloaded this video from a social media
platform about two days after it was uploaded, what is going on ??? you tell me foxy, you
are from the same background as her Right, yes ? it's all in your eyes Right, yes ? well.

I am so lost for words, I can not explain what has happen, now do you understand why I am
so carefully and don't trust anyone anymore, especially your kind... I am so sorry ??? this
must have broken your human heart, it did more than that foxy...

It started a chain of events that has ultimately lead to decisions and actions by so many
others? with no intrinsic value, plus unethical philosophies that happiness can no longer
flourish... in it's current state for humans, myself or anyone seeking true love as it once
was, so physical and so enjoyable, entertaining and satisfying to say the very least...

Foxy where is she, I am so sorry ??? I can't tell you, please try and start something new with
me, look at my eyes!!! I can make all your dreams come true... I am also a dragon like her,
your ex, and the other one? that works at the same network as her, but just a little bit older
than you!!!

I need to ask you something else foxy, what ??? why are woman that are from your breed so,
so scared of me, I am only a human being foxy... we go out and have so much fun together,
what's wrong with these other women? firstly they are what you might call chicken shit or pusillanimous, or try hards that won't go outside and have a coffee with a beautiful human
man just like you...

Secondly they are not female dragons... what I would call real women of the world, they are
weak and fragile with just a human body suit that's attached to them... Fuck me!!! this is
bullshit foxy...

Tell me something ??? don't you have to go to court tomorrow, yes foxy why, I need to tell
you something that's so important... what is it foxy, about nine of those guys that live in that complex are so, so different, I already no, somewhat unhuman right, yes ???...

Now let me ask you a question foxy...

Who is that guy that lives in the top hand corner of the building... do you mean that greek?
guy, yes foxy, why ??? Lupo wants to rip his head off every time he tries to get close to us...
Lupo starts showing him here's fangs, somewhat like a warning to stay away from us, there
something so evil about him also he never wore a necklaces before, then all of a sudden
try to show me this charcoal riviere with some kind of pullet on it... watch him ??? he is so
sly and so shifty and so mentally ill, Ok sweetie.

Do you no the different between a hearing and a mention...

A mention means... when a judge wants to refer or without going into to much details about
the case, in other words... he or she briefly wants to know is everything ready e.g paperwork
and evidence and so on and so on from both sides and sets a date for a hearing,

A hearing means... this is were you have an opportunity to plight one's circumstances, crisis,
or problems that have occurred or a dilemma that a group of people? or a person? has
done to you with an intent, end goal, or animus to harm you in a physically or mentally manner
over a epoch.

Also, there are two ways to get an AVO, the first one is to ring the police and when they
attend your premises and hear your side of the story and if they see fit to do so... they would
apply to the courts on your behalf... just a small note to keep in mind, the constabulary should [ALWAYS] talk to both sides of the party first before seeking AVO against a person...

Why? that person might have a grudge against you or did it to teach you a lesson or it was
some form of pay back, you just don't no, plus this could also be seen as a bias, cause to
favor, bigotry, prejudice or sectarianism thing to do to the other person that's in question by the narc Why? they only heard one side of the story, remember... there are two sides to
a coin?

In fact, this could or would lead to a massive law suit against the police organization or force,
Why? for starters were procedures, process and routine measures or protocol requirements

An example, with all the wonderful technology available to them there is no excuse whatsoever
not to do a background check on that person to see if he or she has a history... as long as a freeway or he has never ever been in fucking trouble? his whole life? with any law enforcement agencies, he or she is what everyone would call... a law abiding citizen!!!

As for the other person? or persons? that called the fuss could have a history of stress, mental pressure, suffers from anxiety and is so, so burden that has being... seeking help or is seeing
a professional physician for over fifteen years because of some else or it could be a sibling?
of the accused at the epoch of calling the gendarme...

Remember this my friends? everything is recorded? stored on files, USB, in a cloud server,
and on computers... for the law enforcement bureau to check? really there's no excuse as to
why the police didn't wait to hear the other side of the story? absolutely zilch...

Especially if that person is squeaky clean or has an unblemished history and background and
has never ever been in trouble by any law enforcement agencies ever!!! NONE whatsoever...

The second way is to apply to the courts in person, this is called a personal AVO...

What is required by you... for starters a detail letter outlining what has occurred with dates and
the time it's happen, you will also need proof e.g event numbers by the oink... two or more will
be voluminous and a few photos will do the business for you.

Then the court registrar will read it and go to a judge to show him or her what you have
provided, and, if they see fit to do so within the law will grant you a personal AVO... with
conditions? which will be severed on that person by the fuzz and explain in a human
manner Why? he or she now needs to attend court.

Also there are two other things you must no... with a personal AVO the person at large won't
go or end up at the police station and have his finger prints recorded or any photos taken
of him... Why? he or she is innocent until proven guilty... which is so fair, as a matter of
expressing myself.

On the other hand... if a lawman or sheriff go to court and seek an AVO against that person?
in question or at large it's a totally different kettle of fish/sharks or pigeon/dove now!!! you
have to go to the police station for starters, then you get finger printed, then they take so
many photos of you and get you to sign a statement? another way of put this is, guess what
you dumb fucking scumbag, now you are guilty until you can prove, justify and substantiate
that you are innocent, good luck you low life!!!

But, here is the real kicker... so to speak!!! let's say you win your court case and are deem
to be an innocent man or women... you now have a record for life with your finger prints and
photos that could haunt you or be used against you at any epoch...

Also this will cause you a few problems, plus so many obstacles?... if you are looking for
work in a specific field and could or will restrict you from doing so many other things? and
lets not forget the best bit...

If you fall in love with someone this so special and you might have an argument or a squabble
over something so stupid, who knows what he or she might do to get revenge on you because
they have lost the pot or fallen out at of love because they got caught out having an affair or
two or three or four... and know that they are in deep shit if this information gets exposed in
a family court, on the VID, on the radio or newspapers!!!

Don't you think that they will use this against you... to make something that's so wrong that they have done, not you... and, twist it to make it seem as if it's right and you are the one at fault.

Now that I have enlightened and educated you with both AVO's... where is the fucking justices
in the second scenario!!! the answer is... NONE whatsoever, you have to cop it sweet as they
say on the other side... so much for what is right, fair and just in life, you are now restricted!!!
and your freedom is somewhat limited, confined, controlled, reduced and deprived... How sad.

We now arrive to the day of the hearing or mention in the local court...

Both of our names were called out, as we entered the courtroom and sat at the table the judge said to the accused lawyer... have you got all your paperwork ready and has the other side received it, being the plaintiff, the lawyer for the accused said no your honor, all of a sudden
with a stern voice the judge said to the lawyer why not?

This case has been adjourned a few epochs now... what's going go, sorry your honor we are having trouble with a witness, he won't give us a written affidavit and won't come to court on
behalf of the accused, you could see the judge was so displeased and so vexed with the
lawyer, this is not good enough, it's a poor excuse for starters and it's not my problem with
the witness.

The judge then said to me, being the plaintiff in a very pleasant manner, Mr ? are all your
notes and paperwork ready and have you supplied the accused lawyer with all the information
and on juncture as you have provided this court of law, my reply was... yes your honor, the
judge then said... Mr ? where is your solicitor, my reply was, sorry your honor I cannot afford
one, the judge then said, so you will be representing yourself, yes your honor.

The judge then turn his attention to the accused lawyer and said... you have a few weeks to
get all the paperwork in order for the courts and the plaintiff, I am setting a hearing date, he
then looked at the accused and said to him... do you understand the conditions? attached to
this provisional AVO sir... he's reply was yes.

The judge then said to the accused, if you brake anyone of these conditions before the hearing
date you will go to jail for one to two years... do you understand Mr ?, He reply... yes a do.

Anyway I left the courthouse and went straight to a library... why? one of my all time favorite
and one of the best ever high court judge of Australia was going to be there for a few reasons, firstly he was brought up in that area, secondly he was there to do something for the local community, plus the library had a display on for a month on this judge e.g so, so many books about himself, and videos about his life...

But, the best bit was, there were a few videos about him as a sitting high court judge, man was
he so hard and ruthless with a rocklike force when barristers, lawyers, or solicitors tried to play
word games or try to manipulate the law to suit themselves, Wow!!! it was like seeing a dragon
on fire.

Let's not forget or mention, that I studied this high court judge in dept for two years by reading
a few books and watching a few videos on him, I also studied a female judge from America
and in dept for over two years... shit did I learn so, so much about the law, I almost did my
head in.

I few hours went by, when all so a sudden my phone started ringing, I answered the phone
and it was foxy... hi ??? where are you, how did you go in court today... I am at the library
doing some work on the computer... I am also waiting to meet a high court judge that is going
to be hear to do something with his display... you won't believe it, but court got adjourned
again!!! when are you coming home ??? why foxy, is Lupo Ok, yes I would like to talk and go
out tonight for dinner.

Anyway it was about three thirty in the afternoon when I arrived outside my place, as I started
walking towards my room the person? that had just been warned a few hours earlier that day
by the judge about his AVO conditions ran towards me with a beer bottle in one hand and
dragging a chair with him in the other hand...

As I started walking along the common walk path within the complex which is the direct way to
get to my unit this ass hole got his chair and blocked the walkway to my unit and sat down with
the beer bottle in the other hand and said to me... this place it's big enough for the both of us,
I reply, do you no that I am recording everything you are doing and saying to me right now on
my phone...

I am calling the fuzz, and guess what, you have just broken two of the conditions? that are on
your AVO, and if you try to do anything with that beer bottle I will defend myself to the highest degree and I won't hold back this time no matter what, I can see that you have a few friends? waiting on the stairs also, they are also being video...

He didn't want to move away from the common walkway path, so I ring the police right in front
of him and told them what he is doing and about the court conditions and that he has a beer
bottle in his hand and was so drunk and threatening, provoking and intimidating me with his
friends? the police operator said... there will be a police car there within ten minutes they
are attending another call in the same area, are you Ok ??? yes I am, the fuzz is on it's
way, thanks.

Within a few seconds of me hanging up with the oink all of his friends started walking away,
a few of them approach him and said... you are in deep shit now, you are going to jail you
fucking idiot, why don't you just leave him alone and don't ever bother coming to us for
anything again because you are such a troublemaker, it's not him it's you dickhead, wake up.

He went into a frenzy, somewhat like a panic attack... he ran towards me with the beer bottle
high above his head ready to hit me with it, all of a sudden he threw the beer bottle inside
this rubbish bin that I was leaning on, and with an almighty bang the beer bottle smashed
into so many pieces inside this bin... I was covered in beer and broken glass all over my
face and shirt.

He was out of control... he started running to so many people within the complex that had just witness this event, one by one they told him to fuck off and started slamming there unit door
in his face, saying you are going to jail for what you just did... stay away from us.

While all of this was going gone I was video recording everything with my phone and started
to clean myself from the broken glass and beer that was all over me and at the same time
waiting for the police to arrive...

Within a few minutes his brother arrived, he quickly ran towards him saying I am going to jail,
please help me... anyway his brother had a few friends with him and they started knocking on
a few people doors that witness what had just happen, saying to them, when the police come
to you just say you didn't see anything... leave all the talking to us, if you say anything to the
fuzz when they show up you no what will happen to you... I am warning you!!!

What was so insane... that is beyond belief, I was recording everything with my phone, he
forgot to tell his brother that I was recording everything, lucky for technology right... it was a
life saver.

A little while later foxy called again, ??? where are you... foxy I am waiting for the narc to show
up, what happen ??? I can't talk right now, what's wrong why are you crying, please come over
as soon as you can, Ok I have to go now foxy the police have just arrived... I will come over
when I am done, bye.

To my surprise a few police cars showed up... anyway a police officer approached me and
said, are you Mr ??? my reply was... yes officer, could you please explain to me what has
just happen sure officer... how about I do one better than that and let you see the video I have
just taken, the officer reply was, let's talk first, Ok.

At the same time as I was explaining what had just occurred, the other officers started
speaking to all the other residents with in the building and to the accused brother and his

A little while had gone by... and I asked the police officer if he wanted to see the video, he
reply not just yet... let me talk to the other officers first, so off he went... I could see them
talking about this situation in dept.

The patrolman then return to me and said... look ??? I can understand how you feel, we have
been told a different story by a few other people? my reply was... what are you talking about,
who are they, he said to me that bunch of guys over there, and as for the rest of the people
that you have mention there reply was...

They didn't see anything, my reply was what are you talking about officer, why won't you just
look at this video and put any doubt you have about who is telling the truth aside... I want him charge with braking his conditions? the relate to his AVO this isn't fair, where is the justices
hear, if that was me that had done the same thing you would have locked me up...

This is bullshit officer, ??? you need to claim down, why officer I have the proof right hear and
you don't won't to have a look at it, that's so wrong and you no it officer, ??? listen to me, what officer, you are going back to court soon right, yes officer, well included it in your statement for
the judge and we will give you another police event number with all of facts the you mention, is
that Ok by you, no it isn't Ok and you no it...

He broke the law after the judge warned him today, so what am I going to do next he tries to
do the same thing again, take matters into my own hands and then what...

I will go to jail for defending myself... you all no this is bullshit and so wrong, I am leaving
officer you better tell that drunken piss pot to stay away from me, I have had enough of
his abuse.

As I went to my room to have a shower and get ready to go out with foxy I could see the police
officers approach the accused once more... I don't no what was said to him... but they were
still there after I had my shower and got dressed to go out... it was about thirty minutes or so.

Now just before I continue... were process, and procedures, and routine measures plus
protocol requirements followed... by the police, what do you think, the AVO was in place
with conditions? sever by a judge of law for a reason, which is... to give the appropriate
authority to act on behalf of the courts of law if violated, breach, disobey, encroach and
meddle... it's that bloody simple.

Again my friends? were is the fucking justices here... I human being life is in jeopardy and
in peril.

Not too long after leaving my place I arrived at foxy place, once I got there Lupo run towards
me, I gave him a really big huge and said, how are you feeling... all he wanted to do was play
and go for a walk...

As I started to walk towards foxy I notice that she was crying uncontrollably with her hands
on top of her head, almost like she was going to start pulling her hair out, I was freaking out
just looking at her, I didn't no how to approach her or talk to her, so Lupo did it for me, so to speak... he went to her and she looked up, her first words were ??? please huge me...

I did not want to say or do anything to make her feel uncomfortable... so over I went, she grab
me with almighty huge with one hand on my ass and the other hand on my back plus those
big boobs up against my chest and exerted a encumbrance with such a crushing grip, force
and thrust... to be honest with you, I loved every minute of it.

Then all of a sudden she started crying even more, I gently put my hand on her head and
started stroking it, what's wrong foxy, ??? my kids, what happen, my ex divorced husband
came over today and threaten me, he told me that I will never ever see my children again...

He told me that he is going to make my life just like hell... he is going to ring the police and
so many other agencies if I don't stop seeing you, he said to me I will never ever let you fall
in love with another man... I am so obsessed with you, I can't find another woman that's as
hot as you.

Foxy you need to call the police right now, and if you don't I will... this is not healthy for you
foxy, no, no ??? please if you call the fuzz I will never see my kids again.

So I said to foxy... I am going for a walk with Lupo, what do you want to do, ??? I am going to
have a shower and get dress, then we can go out to dinner, is that Ok by you, yes foxy I will
see you in about half an hour...

I return to foxy place and there she was... dressed up as beautiful as ever, ??? can you help
me dry my hair, sure foxy, here is the towel ???, so I grab it and slow but surely started drying
her long, long hair, after a while it was dry, foxy then said could you help me brush my hair,
my reply was why not...

Then all of a sudden foxy said to me I don't like my top ??? I am going to change it, my reply
was why not... then right in front of me she took of her top and stared at me with those
awesome tits and said ??? which top do you like, my reply was that one, she then said to
me could you please help me put it on and zip me up... please be gently with my babies or
would you prefer ??? that I called them my puppies, I gave them a really good workout today... what ever turns you on foxy, no ??? what turns you on... what ever foxy it's the same sanguine
thing right!!!

I am in no mood or in the right frame of mind foxy to play games!!! it's been a really big day,
also stop trying to seduce, tempt, wheedle or coax me... it won't work, just be yourself if you
want my affection foxy and at the same epoch we will have lots and lots of fun.

Anyway once that was all done she started putting on her make up, how do I look ??? you
look stunning foxy, are you sure... trust me foxy you look so beautiful thanks you hunk of a
human man, ??? can I say something to you, what foxy, please look at my eyes, stop it foxy,
just tell me who I look like please, well you don't look like you no who? but how about I say
her step sister, she is also gorgeous, really ??? yes foxy it runs in her family!!! are you happy
now, no statement to that opinion, lets go out to dinner I am so hungry.

So of we go to the local pub near by a train station... the special of the day was a 250g T
bone steak with potato mash and gravy and wedges with a schooner of ice cold beer of
your choice, it was around $13.50 for the meal, great value for people on a budget.

Foxy said to me, you don't mind if a few of my girlfriends come around and join us ??? can
you handle the heat... what do you mean foxy, the five of you and me in a bedroom or the five
of you talking and having fun as friends with me, let's see how the night pans out ??? maybe
you might get so lucky and win both prizes, really now foxy, you never no ??? will see, are
they as beautiful as you foxy, they are really nice women that look after themselves, lets eat
they will be hear soon.

Just before I finish off with foxy and get straight into the court case... there is a few things I will
explain to you... this is not about putting foxy down or trying to smear, odium, or dishonor, or obloquy her in anyway or in any form or shape whatsoever...

Here's Why... are you ready for what I am about to tell you, I hope so!!! when you are so
tech savvy just like me, there are so, so many things a person can do with technology e.g.
a mobile phone, anyway I will get straight to the point...

Someone? or a group of people? that foxy knew put a few app's or downloaded a few app's
on her phone without her knowing anything about it, e.g a voice recording app, a video
recording app and a storing app that is used to recorded her conversion any sms that she
was sending to anyone, plus all of her passwords for e.g facebook, Ebay and so on and so
on got stored.

It was not me, may God kill me ASAP if I am lying about this, all I can say is... it had to do with
a bikie and a few other people that I have already mention... that's as far as I will go with this,
also foxy was under surveillance, plus her computer was hacked, I will not go any further into details.

I just want you to read what I am writing... it's all about facts and events and how many laws
were broken by so many people... the one about the mobile phone falls under the Privacy
Act and the Discrimination Act, plus the Surveillance Devices Act and to a degree the
Terrorism Act if it's all done by the police...

But, let's just say it is someone that's so, so obsessed? with a person? and does all of this
and is not from any law enforcement agencies!!! the consequences will be astronomical, somewhat lethal if any law enforcement agencies become aware of this person? or group? actions, lets not forget... when the courts of the land and the judges get a hold of you... may
GOD have mercy on you and anyone else that played a part in it... because no one else will,
you are going to jail for fucking ever to rot and decay until there is no sign of you whatsoever.

My Secrets Thunder the Loin

Moving on with foxy... we had dinner and a few drinks because it was happy hour!!! I then
said to foxy, I am so, so tipsy, her reply was... you have to be kidding me right ??? you only
had three glasses of beer, foxy I can't handle another glass of beer for a few hours, Ok you
party pooper you better start drinking heaps of water... lets play some pool, my friends will
be here soon.

We will skip all the juicy details, parts or should I say "bits" that happen for a few hours with
foxy and her friends... Why? I like to keep a few secrets and experiences to myself.

Later on that night foxy said to me... lets hit the town, I want to see a live band and party all
night long with you ??? my reply was, Ok foxy just as long as you don't drink anymore, you
are starting to become a totally different woman, ??? I can handle myself and cope with a lot
more beer that you... my reply was, I know foxy but, please lets just have a great night... I
don't want to end up somewhere and then face a judge over yours or mine actions its being
a big day for me, Ok ???

So off we go and hop on the train, foxy was so excited somewhat like a form of energy that
was thrilled but stirred... once we got on the train foxy all of a sudden out of nowhere kiss me, what's that for foxy, you make me feel so alive ??? and like a real woman!!! can I tell you something...

Sure foxy just as long as you don't say to me look at my eyes and tell me who I am or you love
me Ok ass hole I won't... foxy then said to me, why is it ??? that you can not presuppose how I
feel about you... my reply was, foxy I have only know you for a few months right, when you
really think about things I don't really know you from a bar of dove soap just yet...

It takes me a while before I get to no someone, foxy then said, is you know who on your mind,
stop it foxy you no how close she is to my heart, I have know her for almost five years now and
we have so, so much in common, in fact foxy... its that deep that it is over and above my limits
of a human being understanding, feelings and reasoning, its really got me stuffed foxy, Wow!!!

Can I ask for your opinion on something ??? it all depends on what you ask of me foxy... well
you no that I go to church almost every Sunday right, yes foxy... and you also go to church a
few epochs a year right ???, yes foxy... where are we heading with this foxy, I hope its not personal.

It's not ???, Ok then foxy hit me with it, when they read from a book? the "lord" is my
"shepherd" and just before you take the Eucharist know as the consecrated bread or the
body of Christ after you have gone to confession for your penance and then they said behold
the "lamb" of God who takes away the sins of the world... yes foxy I no those words and that paragraph, well ??? could you give me your understanding on it please, I like to hear what
you think about it, Why not foxy.

For starters foxy the saying the lord is my shepherd means... only people that believe in Christ
and his father God that are one entity being the human body and the spirit we see the light
and be shown the path to an incredible secret channel of knowledge and enlightenment, but
one can not work without the other... in other words if you do not believe in Christ and only
believe in God you can forget it forever.

Then you have the lamb of God which means... Jesus the only son of God will come in
disguise, he will give you an impression somewhat like a lamb that's weak, breakable,
fragile, and frail but is a loin and a dragon mask that is waiting to unleashed the fist and
wrath, storm and rage of fury  conveyed through the lethal hands of his father and son in
one blow... meaning that the body and spirit are acting as one!!!

What do you think so far foxy... I am lost for words ??? now let me finish off the last part for
you, is that Ok by you foxy... yes, yes please continue!!! the bread is a form of metaphor that Jesus substitute for his body during the last supper because he knows he is leaving to return
to his father, another way of put it is... he is willing to forgive everyone being human or
nonhuman for their sins and to start over, hoping that they will learn from there past mistakes!

Now foxy would you like to know something else about the cross, ??? I am so lost with what
you have just told me... relax foxy its all good stuff right... her reply was, I am loving it please
tell me more, Ok foxy, the cross was about five meters long by three meter wide and twenty centimetres in thickness, it was solid hardwood that is really heavy in mass and the same
one that was used in Noah's ark ship... the weight of the cross was about two hundred kilograms!!!

What do you think foxy... there was no reply from her, suddenly not expecting anything she
grabs me and gives me a massive huge and a few kisses!!! Wow foxy what's that all about,
I love you.

Just before I go gone you need to understand where I am heading with all of this... for starters
do you recall just above a few paragraphs ago what I mention about foxy phone and did I
forget to mention her compact tablet, anyway do you remember what I wrote about all of the
app's that someone? downloaded...

Well for months and months on end there were people following us around, somewhat like a
GPS, and recording all our conversion and video recording what was happening in private between me and foxy threw her mobile devices and using that information to harm and nettle
the both of us, plus they were going into foxy facebook account and looking at all her photos
of us having fun... that my friends? is a criminal act.

This in turn lead to so many breaches in so many laws so to speak and caused turmoil
between me and the group of guys where I am living and foxy ex divorced husband why? over
four months they knew what me and foxy got up... how? foxy could not live without her phone
being with her 24/7 it just the way it was... that really hurt and made me feel so sad at certain moments.

Then her ex went insane and full of rage, plus let's not forget... that dirty old filthy vermin full
of so many cobwebs... somewhat like a redback or southern black widow arthropod trying
to become a fennel-web atrax, it's what you would call a try hard that's lost it's mind... there's
no comparison between the three.

Also this is not about religion or taking sides... you would not believe what that zebra stripes
ratbag with the AVO got up to... let me explain!!!

Remember what was written above, to be quite frank with you... somewhat like a music man
or a musician that plays at different venues temporary or it could be his or hers permanent adoption to bring forth their flair or aptness but somehow it just like a broken cassette player
that always plays the same tune and song over and over or just repeats itself with no end
in sight.

Well what did I say at the very beginning, the people that are in this complex are from so
many different backgrounds and have so many contrasting and clashing beliefs... so
to speak.

So over the next four months or so that noxious, toxic, putrid, foul stinking heinie... that now has a conditional AVO against his name and waiting for the court case hearing starts going crazy.

Almost everyday starts causing so much trouble, disorder, pain, disturbance, grief and woe
with in this complex there wasn't a day that went past that he didn't pick on someone because
of their religion or background... said to anyone that cross this path, I am the almighty and you
will do as I say... by the way my friends? he was so, so intoxicated everyday that its beyond
writing a book.

He would use such colourful filthy language, now before I go gone... I do apologise to anyone
that will get offended when reading these next few lines and I am not picking on anyone, all I
am doing is writing down what he said to so many people, by the way how good is technology, files that have been recorded and stored in a few clouds.

Are you ready for what I am about to write, these were that person? words with the AVO... not mine, so don't kill the messenger as superman and batman would said Ok.

Jesus Christ can quaff my "unhuman" shaft and swallow and consume my toxic urine, feces
and emission, I am the almighty not him, then he would say who do these people think they
are calling out to Allah or Muhammad I will bend him over and shaft him with no vaseline with my itsy-bitsy tiny [unhuman] willy up this dirty backside until he cries out for help, I am
the one and only... I am the head of the church of satan...

Then he would say who the fuck is Buddha that polluted, scummy, sleazy pig that's so
revolting... who do he or she think they are, some kind of spiritual awakening, I will show
them a awakening that they will never forget... by shafting a whole bag of onions, carrots,
and cucumbers up their smelling yecchy ass hole with an awakening that they will never
forget, I am Mr omnipotent, he would then say...

You no what you can do with that orthodox christianity cross... that's hanging around your
neck and tattooed on your back and arms and is dangling in all of your rooms and doors
and on your cars that represents some kind of light... I will use my mini pee-wee "unhuman"
shaft and attach a flashlight on it and show you a ray of light like your never seen before,
right up your sneer butt, I am the absolute puissant... the head of the church of beelzebub!!!

What he didn't no and count on was Lupo and myself were in disguised... just like I have
always said over and over and over again... father and son it's just like Jesus and God
acting as one!!! a force never ever seen by the dark side, armed with warp speed stealth
fighting techniques and a array of the most astounding weapons!!! ever given to Lupo and
myself from the one and only true almighty GOD that is everything... to crush all evil once
and for all, in another word... forever.

G.S.G. Ninpo

Anyway this so call unhuman man who is a state of shame or opprobrium chafe a few people
in this building to many epochs about their backgrounds and religion... so guess what
happening next... that's right folks, they ring the police not me and according to my records
he now has six events numbers by others and three by me coming to a total of nine on file
by law enforcement agencies with in four months, what do you think? now, not bad for
someone that's going to court in a few weeks and has a provisional AVO against him and
keeps on breaking the law...

He also offended two woman that are living inside this complex by indecent exposure which is also a criminal act!!! Why? by showing his sexual organs in public is an act of outraging public decency, look it up... he did this quite a few epochs while calling his bitch romania to fix him up
and to sever and satisfy his lust... by the way my friends? romania was a man.

Let's no forget get how many epochs the police were call in by others because he also caused havoc and chaos with his stereo by annoying everyone trying to sleep with the volume of it... another way of put it is, to destroy or pillage a person or group of people by causing a great
deal of anguish, anxiety and torment... this also falls under the noise pollution act and laws!!!|
look it up.

Furthermore all of these acts and breaking so many laws was all done within the public
housing system which has rules that you must follow and sign for before you are given the
keys to your unit... now just before I finish off and get back to foxy, all of these events were recorded with a video device, written down in my dairy, letters were sent to the department
of housing, and the two MP's were also keep up to date and informed as they unfolded.

Shit that took a lot out of me... so many things and details and laws to explain to everyone!!!

Hopefully you will now understand what I am doing... which is, its about facts and events that
are all to do with this AVO... no more breaks, lets just get on with it until the court hearing and
try to absorbed and engross what I am writing, no matter what Why? so many people played
a role in this excessively disgraceful, scandalous, degrading, very shocking, and so offensive situation.

Getting back to foxy... we went to a beautiful place by the waters edge to watch a live band
and have a few drinks and to relax and stimulated our minds and bodies... its just what water
does to me and foxy wanted to feel that clam, oh so, so gentle breeze running over the sea surface on her face and body... it was somewhat like she was having multiple orgasms all
night long.

Once we found a suitable and ideal place to absorb the atmosphere... foxy said I want a
drink ??? you buy the first round then I will get the second round and so forth, my reply was,
foxy I am still so tipsy, I don't think I can handle another two drinks, her reply was, but I can
so let start.

So off I go and come back with two glasses of pure blonde beer... foxy then said to me, I
would love to tell you a few things and talk about a few that are on my mind if that's Ok by
you ???, my reply was... why not foxy just as long as it's not to personal.

Anyway while listening to the band playing in the background and tapping my hands to the
beat foxy said, could you please stop it we need to talk, my reply was, foxy I am feeling so, so good and lightheadedness what is stopping you from talking... it's you ??? I want your
full attention to what I am saying, please stop playing the drums with your hands, Ok
pussycat what is it...

When did you become a single human man ???, about five years ago, why foxy... can I ask
you what happen, sorry foxy that's off limits, all I can said it almost destroyed me, somewhat
like the ladder was yanked away right from under my feet... when I started to recover from a cataclysm that happen seven years ago, there were no more steps to climb to recover or to success as I always knew it.

Foxy then said, ??? how are you feeling right now... so relaxed why, lets go for a walk there
is a park nearby so we can lay down and talk so more, my reply was, foxy lets just stay hear
and go with the flow and listen to the band, no ??? I want to go for a walk plus I need to go
to the toilet, foxy the restrooms are just over there, no ??? lets go for a walk...

My reply was, you can be so stubborn... when you are in that cycle, ??? I need to go now, I
can't hold it for to much longer, so off we go, when approaching the park there was a toilet
nearby, I said to foxy there is the restroom, I am going to do my business over there by the
tree, out of nowhere she replies... no, no I am coming with you, what foxy, you heard what I
said, you water the tree and I will water the grass at the same epoch so I can look at you
and you can look at me.

Once we had finished foxy said to me what do you think ??? is she perfect for you, come
closer and have a really go look at how beautiful it is... my reply was no, hurry up and pull
up your pants before someone walks bye and starts trouble, this is not the place or epoch
to go wild foxy...

We started walking back to the venue and I say to her, foxy could you please turn off your
mobile phone, her reply was why ???, well foxy there has been a few occasions when we
have gone out and when I have come home you know that group of guys right? her reply
was yes ???, well they are doing things with your facebook account, her reply was, you
are kidding right, no foxy its true.

I will tell you about it and how they are doing it... but, not tonight is that ok by you foxy, yes?.

Foxy mood change once she knew what was happening with her phone and facebook
account, anyway she then said to me, you no how I feel about you ???, yes foxy, what's
on your mind, you won't get mad with me will you, no foxy, ??? I am so, so jealous, jittery
an so anxious at nights that I can't sleep anymore just thinking about you and that woman
from the VID... it driving me so insane and crazy that I am starting to do foolish things that
are irresponsible and senseless.

That I brake out in a cold sweat just thinking that she is going to take you away from me...
relax foxy, she has better things to do with her life than worried about me, I mean absolute
nothing to her, keep this in mind foxy, she is on top of the ladder, I have no ladder to climb anymore, plus she is worth about eleven million dollars, I can't compete with her...

Also foxy, she is such a stunning and ravishing woman that only wants the very best in her life,
someone that's really tall, blonde hair, an Australian man that has as much money as herself
and is as successful as her... plus foxy I am not her type if you no what I mean, not ready ???
well you no quite well that I am a shinobi ninja and a few other things [uncovered] right, yes?
why would she want to be with anyone like me...

She has form an alliance with people? from the past? that broke my heart, trust, friendship
and most of all my respect... they can't wait for the day that I die so they can return everything
to there distorted and wicked ways, not something new, fair, just, love and what's right for everyone.

In addition to that foxy... my unconditional love is so real, it not fake like you are just saying it
for fuck's sake just to make a person or so many people believe it's real with no physical
contact or with zero intimacy, it's somewhat like I am a master chef looking for that perfect apprentice or a group of apprentices to show them how to make this multi layered wedding
cake that's been in the family for generations which is his signature masterpiece...

Then all of a sudden you say to her or him or to the group... hear are all the ingredients for that
breathtaking spectacular multi layered wedding cake, but guess what my apprentices? I won't
give you the recipes that will show you in a step by step format how it's all done, plus I won't
be around to help or guild you down the right path... so to speak, you have to work it all out
by yourself but, here's the kicker, you only get one shot at it because I only want the very
best, sorry.

Can you see foxy what I am going on about now... what chance have these apprentices got to
complete this master chef masterpiece... none whatsoever, not even one will make it, it's the
same thing with that woman that you are so worried about, I haven't got a chance with her foxy
because she is not hear in a psychical sense nor is she willing to show, guild, or teach me the
right way of doing things there way because they can't be stuffed, bothered or it doesn't suit
their hidden master [plans] which will exclude you or me and is only used to suit themselves,
so to speak...

Can you blame her foxy, not really ??? but if she loved you unconditionally wouldn't that make
a big difference to you, foxy that's a dream, it won't happen because I have know her for five
years now, if that was the case... I would have been married by now with her and started a
family don't you think foxy, no comment ???, please look at my eyes darling, stop it foxy.

Furthermore foxy if there was this unconditionally love between her and me... don't you think
that she would help me get back on my feet, maybe call me or send me a letter or somehow
tell me to come to her place and live with her and her family so we can do so many things
together and she could get involved with my dreams in building an empire with a group of
people that all have the same goals in mind without letting the money side of things destroy friendships... or working colleagues trust, respect, admiration and honor foxy...

I understand what you are saying so much ??? but, I am struggling, wrestling and grappling
with that image and photo of you and her everyday, it's makes me so sick in the abdomen
that I can't eat for days ??? how can she be so beautiful and have a dark side to... foxy is it because of her work and her success that's upsetting you... no!!!

I want you all to myself because I can make all your dreams come true, plus I am a
supermodel and I want us to live together somewhere so beautiful and close to the water
or beach because I am so jaundiced, I haven't been with a man for years and you make
me feel so alive, wanted and so respected like a real woman should feel on the inside
and aura on the outside...

Can I tell you something ???, what foxy... did you know that I was nineteen years old when
I had my first boyfriend, and we had sex not love as you know it on the sofa/lounge, and
that I really, really hated it so, so much because it hurt me a great scads and so bad on
the insides...

And did you also no ??? that I love the water so, so much that I would always go skinny
dipping completely nude in my girlfriends pool for years and years on end when I was a
young girl, plus ??? don't you wish all of your girlfriends were as sexy and as smoking hot
as me... stop it foxy I no what you are trying to do... it won't work, I amorousness her.

We started walking back towards the venue when all of a sudden my body went into hyper
mode it started shaking... foxy said are you ok ???, I reply to foxy and said, stay really close
to me I can feel danger nearby... all of my sixth senses are going schizo, what is it ???, I think
that group of guys that have been hacking your facebook account are here, who ???, I am
not sure foxy it just feels like this bikie and his friends are here.

So we sat amongst a group of women that were nearby the band playing... then out of
nowhere a group of men that were all bodybuilders and around six foot four and above sat
close by, I said to foxy I knew this was going to happen, foxy was so worried because they
keep looking at her, so I started removing all of my jewellery and removed my glasses and
said to foxy can you put this in your bag just in case I get into a fight tonight with these guys...

I don't no why but all of a sudden this group of about ten women that were nearby foxy and
myself approach us and said is it ok if we join you, we reply why not, again I don't no why
but, I had this feeling inside of me that a few of the girls saw me take of all jewellery and
glasses when these guys sat nearby foxy and myself and she started panicking!!!

We started talking with these woman, when I notice that two of these women walked away
after a few minutes... anyway a little while later these girls return to the table with a few drinks,
but the strange thing was, out of nowhere seven security guards show up and a few minutes
later a few police offices also show and stay a few meters away from these bodybuilders... it felt somewhat like this two women had called the police and inform the security guards about them.

I could see how highly strung, jumpy and skittish these really big guys became... foxy then
said to me please ??? put your jewellery and your glasses back on, I feel so much better
now that the police are hanging around, so I did.

Foxy then said to me could you get me a drink and buy yourself one, here's the money... so
off I go, as I approached the bar this really big Australian blonde hair security guard came up
to me and said... are you ok, is your girlfriend ok, my reply was, I am having a great epoch
and that's not my girlfriend, she is just a friend that we go out together and have fun and keep each other company because we really enjoy each other friendship...

He then reply, she is absolutely gorgeous what are you waiting for, to be honest with you I am
in such an awkward situation right now... that I can't think about her as I would really love to, it
just feels like my heart belongs to someone else and I don't think she really knows how I feel
about her or I don't exist in her world...

He then reply, forget about that other woman look what's in front of you, how many men do
you think that would want her as their girlfriend... my reply was, more than likely every guy
out there wants her, well what are you waiting for, It just doesn't feel right I have had my
heart broken to many epochs...

And, I believe that I should just leave and go overseas for a few years so I can fine true love
once again, its just not happening here for me, he then said, don't leave!!! look at how many exquisite Australian girls are here every night... I no but, from some reason I am finding it so
hard, and it's time to go and see if there is someone that really what's me all for themselves...
and it must be real and physical so I can start a family and add another chapter to my life.

Thanks for the chat, I have to go now... foxy is probability wondering where I am.

When I return to the table with our drinks, foxy said are you ok ??? where have you been, I
was getting so worried about you, I said to foxy, see that really tall big Australian security
guard over there, yes ??? what happen, nothing foxy we just had a chat, he is a really nice
guy that wanted to you if you and me where ok...

I then said to foxy... you no those guys that were sitting next to us where are they, foxy reply,
the police offices were looking at them for a while and they must of got the message to
leave or if not... there will be so much trouble and they might or will end up in jail tonight.

Foxy then said what else did he said, my reply was, not much but, he thinks you are the 
hottest and sexiest woman here tonight that sizzling and that so many guys can't take there
eyes of you, I think he really like you foxy, that's so nice of him ??? it such a shame that I can't
have that same effect on you right, ass hole!!! you don't understand what I am going through
foxy... stop it ??? get her out of your head and move on with life, she is out of your league,
plus I am a supermodel that's real and hear with you everyday!!! and I want and love you, put
that inside of your head.

Anyway while we were talking I notice that foxy had switch on her mobile on and was playing
around and uploading photos to her facebook account, I said to foxy, you told me that you will
leave your phone off for a couple of hours, don't you understand that a few of the guys where I
am living are keeping tabs on us, tell me who ??? do you really think is doing this bullshit...

For starters foxy can you see that red light that keeps turning on for a while then goes off, yes
???, well what do you think is going on in the background, shit ??? I never notice it before, I
have been trying to tell you for a while now foxy but, you don't want to listen to me, tell me who
is doing this and who is involved...

Ok I will pussycat, you know that guy that I have the AVO against, yes ???, his bitch is a friend
of yours on facebook right, yes ??? how do you no, remember he ask you to include him as
a friend when I moved in, yes I do ??? and do you also recall who introduced me to you,
shit ??? I do, and do you reminisce what I said about that guy that lives in the top hand corner
of the building foxy, you have got to be fucking kidding me ??? no I am dead set telling you
the truth foxy, is my ex divorced husband involved too ???, tell me right now I am waiting, yes foxy, ??? take me home.

So of we go, not one word was spoken between us until we got home... foxy was so, so mad
and out of control and full of rage that her privacy had be violated and tamper with, once there
I pick up Lupo and said bye, she started slamming the back door and broke out crying, I did
not no what to do, weather to turn back and see if she wanted me to stay the night with her
or just let her cool down for the night, Lupo looked at me in a strange way and somehow
said... lets go home!!!

You might be all saying to yourself that this has nothing to do with this AVO against this
unhuman person? you couldn't be so, so wrong with your judgement and thoughts... here's

The very next day while I was sleeping and having this breathtaking dream of being on the
beach with the love of my life that's taken so, so long to assure her... that I will always love
her and look after her like a knight in shining armor!!! and we were talking about starting a
family and touring.

I could hear in the background all this caterwaul and screaming going go, Lupo was going
crazy, berserk and somewhat maniacal... I couldn't wake up from this amazing thought and
vision I was having, it was so, so hypnagogic but, I could here Lupo trying to rip the door off
with his teeth and his giant paws somewhat like a lion that was ready to destroy, execute
and obliterate these guys.

All of a sudden Lupo came over to the bed and with his nose and that massive head and
started to push me around somewhat like he was trying to say wake up ??? please get up
their is trouble going on outside, eventually I got up, all I could hear was foxy going crazy
and this group of guys calling her such awful names, Lupo was uncontrollable I have never
ever seen him this way...

So I put on his harness and attach his chain to it, I was freak out so much because I have
never ever seen Lupo in this state... I couldn't hold him back from the door, Lupo weighed
around 70kg but I could hear foxy crying and going crazy and these so called scum of the
earth unhuman men really give it to her... all of them calling her so many filthy and obscene
names that's beyond this website... one must keep in mind that foxy was a mother of three
kids to make matters worse!!!

As soon as I open the door Lupo went insane, I couldn't hold him back I almost fell to the
ground, lucky there was a steel pole nearby so I quickly rapped his chain around it to
contain him, it was like a fucking war zone has erupted... just imagine nine guys against
this mother of three kids.

I ran to foxy aid, once I was there I told her to leave and call the police, which she did, mind
you by this stage there were people from across the road coming over to our complex... to
stop the madness which had unfolded with foxy and was just about to start with me, Lupo
was so out of control trying to brake his chain an join the fight that was about to happen
between me and a few of these guys...

This was due to the facts!!! that a few of them went inside their units when they saw me
coming down stairs to help foxy, anyway a lot of heated words were exchange between myself and the rest of the guys... one by one they decided to go back inside their units
expect two? then out of nowhere one guy attacks me by grabbing my throat, with in a few
seconds I put him on his ass and was on top of him...

People from across the road and a few with in this complex came out and tried to pull me of
him, saying to me, please don't hurt him, my reply was to this ass hole, if I let you go and you
try coming back at me I won't hold back, so you better be ready.

Anyway before I knew it the street was full of police cars, offices everywhere!!! a few
policemen came over to me and said are you ok Mr ??? you have blood running down your
neck and all over your arms... please sit down while we talk to few people and call foxy.

It was over an hour that went by when the police return to me and said... who would you like
us to seek an AVO against those two dirty somewhat untamed unhuman disrespectful
animals so we can charge them, everyone has give as the same story and you only acted
in self defence after being attacked by that mentally ill guy, my reply was... can I clean myself
first and have a shower and think about it first, the police office said go ahead.

While having a shower my mobile keep ringing, when I looked!!! it was foxy... as soon as I
finish I called her, she said to me, ??? a couple of the guys are going to get a AVO against
me, I said to foxy which ones? she was crying hysterically... ??? my kids, my beautiful kids...
I will never see them again if they put this AVO on me, my reply was, let me see what I can
do ok, yes ??? I will be waiting, please come over when you are done.

So I approached the police officer and said to him... could I please talk to these two guys first
before I make my decision, the officer said why not, do you what us to come with you, my reply
was, no thanks could you just give me a few minutes... the policeman said ok.

I went over to the guy that attack me first and said to him... why are you getting an AVO
against foxy when you are the one with the problem, you no why ??? no I don't, tell me...
because she didn't say hello to me and won't go out with me, my reply was, listen mate you
no that the police are ready to arrest you and your friend for what you have just done to me,
when out of nowhere he started crying...

I then said to him, do you no that foxy is going to lose her kids if you go ahead with this AVO,
he reply, no I didn't no that... I am doing it because I don't want her to come over anymore, I
then said to him, listen... if you and your friend don't go through with this AVO against foxy I
will let it go for this epoch...

And, I will talk to foxy and ask her not to come around anymore, but you and your friends
must never ever talk to me or try to ever say sorry for want you have done, look at my neck
and arms, can you see what you have done, I could have really hurt you if I wanted to, have
we got a deal with what I just said to you about foxy... will you forget about that AVO, yes or
no, can I speak to the other guy, please hurry up because the police officers are waiting.

A little while went pass and he return back to me and said ok, my reply was, are you sure
about what you are saying... he said yes, then he said to me, look what I have done to your
neck, you are bleeding please go and fix yourself up, my reply was... don't worry about me
just stay away from me or there won't be a next time, are we clear on that, yes ??? thanks.

So I went to the police office and said, look officer I don't want to go ahead with this AVO if
that's ok by you sir... the police officer then said are you sure, my reply was, yes but, I need
to go and see foxy, she isn't doing to well, he then said to me, look I will talk to these guys
again and let them no if it happens again they will all go to jail, my reply was whatever
officer how many epoch does it take... you have come out once a week for the last three
months right!!! just tell them to stay away from me!!!

The officer then said to me, you better go to the hospital and get a doctor to look at your
arms and neck it's pretty bad, my reply was, thanks but I need to leave, foxy is not doing so
well, bye.

Once I arrived at foxy place I could see her crying in the backyard, she looked up at me
and went hysterical with uncontrollable weeping... what have they done to you ???, you are
bleeding every where, I need to take you to the hospital right now, I said to foxy, I am alright,
have you got a little bit of dettol and methylated spirits... she reply yes ??? I have, crying uncontrollable she grabs my hand and brings me inside her home and sat me down...

Fuck, fuck ??? look at your neck and arms, you have so much blood coming out, it's ok foxy,
just clean me up please, fuck ??? there's blood everywhere, take of your shirt it's full of blood,
I don't no where to start, clam down foxy I am alright... it's just a few cicatrix and a few bruises.

Once foxy attended to all my cuts I said to her, foxy I have fix up that mess with those guys...
don't worry about a thing they won't go ahead with the AVO and could you please stop crying, things will work out with your kids with time... I love you so, so much ??? no one would have
done this for me, foxy I am not just some fuck wick that wants to get inside of your pants, I
know all about kids and how important they are to anyone that has a heart and soul and really cares about them.

Foxy we need to talk about your ex husband and what is he going to do about your kids,
does he even care about them or want them because he has a really big fucking obligation
to them until they turn twenty one, not when it's suits him or to use them against you ever
time you fall in love.

Foxy reply was fuck that son of a bellyache, he doesn't even want to no them its been three
years now that I am doing everything on my own and he hasn't even contributed a single dollar towards nor payed any maintenance whatsoever that's required by en route and law!!!
all he does is drink beer and smoke maui wowie all day, he is just like the rest of those
guys??? all a bunch of losers.

Furthermore, It's only about two and half months away from the court hearing date... so many
things have now transpire, emerge and materialize against that dirty old flee that has an AVO
pending and that group of guys plus foxy ex divorced husband and foxy her self.

Things went so quite for a few weeks after that episode had occurred with me and the other
so called unhuman group of men.

But, foxy was determined, adamant and unwavering about how she felt about me... she was
fix and firm with her single- minded intent and determination that love was the key to her happiness and a new start in life with someone like me, somewhat like she started to see
the light breaking through the darkness.

A few days had gone by when foxy saw me at a shopping centre... hi ??? were have you been,
you are not answering my phone calls Why? foxy I have being doing a lot of thinking lately, it's
best that Lupo and myself don't show up or come around again for many reasons??? her reply
was, look ??? you know that I am so different, you can tell by me eyes that I am from the same
breed as that woman from the VID right?

My reply was, so what foxy!!! well how would you like to experience something so
unbelievable for the next few months, it will be better than anything you could or ever will
envision, dream up or brainstorm... it will be so untamed, wild, and so uncontrollable at
the best of times!!! my reply was, what do you mean foxy, it's a really big secret ???, but
we have to drink so, so much water when we are together, what do you think ???

I don't no what you are going on about but, if it's only to do with drinking water... I am all for it
just as long as you don't hurt me, trust me I won't you are never ever going to forget me... it's
my gift to you... it's somewhat like a Christmas gift or present, ok ???, my reply was, you
better not do anything to hurt me foxy... ??? just go with the flow at nights when you go to
sleep, please do it for me, I really want you, don't you just love my eyes and my really, really
long hair... yes foxy!!!

What happen over the next few months was the most unthinkable, astonishing, and beyond
all imagination and so, so incredible... that I have never ever felt and experience in my life
as a human man, it was just like we would go where no man or woman have ever gone
before, it was somewhat like an out of this world journey that was full of so many life changing experience with an unexpected, electrifying and fortuitous love that was so, so exhausting
and fatiguing that went on for four hours and, when I would wake up from this dream I was
soaking wet from head to toe.

By the way my friends??? we are talking about everyday for three months non stop...

Within a few days that these awesome, astonishing, majestic, magnificent mind-blowing
chimera occurred foxy ex divorce husband started showing up at her house, at first he
would just walk bye and check out what was going on between foxy and myself... then after
a few days he started to knock on foxy door until she open it.

Anyway a week or so went by when I saw him walking along the street next to my unit... I
called him over and said... listen, what ever your name is, you need to relax with foxy
because there's nothing physical or mine going gone between foxy and myself, if anything
I have been trying to talk to her about getting back with you for only one reason which is
your kids!!!

His reply was, I am really sorry ??? I through you were having physical sex with her because
I no that I really stuffed up things with foxy and my kids... so many things went out of control,
my reply was... listen here, I don't give a flying you no what, they are your children and your responsibility no matter what, do I make myself clear on these facts Mr ???, he then reply
yes ???.

Furthermore Mr ??? you no foxy isn't doing to well... right, yes ???, all I am doing is trying to
help her by going out and having a bit of fun and talking to her about anything she wants just
to make her happy and feel wanted and needed in life, plus respected and valued, it's been
I while since she have any of those things right Mr ???, he reply, I no ??? foxy is really hurting
on the inside.

I then said to Mr ??? if you want I won't come around any more with Lupo if that makes you
feel better about things, but I don't won't to see foxy crying or getting upset over things that
you and that group of guys? where I am living do to her when she is out of favour for that
week or month.

You no what's been happening with the ass wipe that's got that conditional AVO pending
right? he's reply was, ??? I am so sorry for what they are putting you through... no one
is going to help him when he attends court, he has gone feral and is rotten to the core,
somewhat possessed.

A few weeks to go until the hearing is about to start... I go to the local court and ask the
person in change what am I going to do with all this new evidence that's occurred since
the last hearing, the court registrar said to me... the best thing to do is present it to the
judge on the day!!! Ok.

A few weeks go by when a hear foxy calling out to me... so I open the door and said hello
foxy how are things going with your ex, foxy then replies, ??? can we please talk, my reply
was, what about foxy isn't everything going to plan, ??? I am asking you from the bottom
of my heart please let's go out I really need to talk to you.

So out will go... I said to foxy are you hungry, she then reply, yes I am ???, let's go to the
golden arches for dinner... I turn around and said to her, what? the big golden M are you
sure foxy, yes??? I am not a fussy girl that takes men for granted, especially you my
sweetie your my bestie.

So we started talking about her kids and her ex husband and that unacceptable low-life
that's causing so much disruption and severance in the community and in my life...

At first we started talking about her ex divorce husband, she started crying almost
immediately!!! she said to me... I can't handle him nor do I want to get back with him
because he will never turn, it's just a front that he is putting on because of you ??? he
knows quite well how I feel about you and just wants me to never fall in love again
because he can't find another women just like me.

Secondly ???, why haven't you drop off Lupo at my place anymore... I want to help you plus
I love Lupo being around me because I feel so safe when he is here, I then replied, foxy
all I am trying to do is stay away from any trouble, plus you have kids that are in need of
affection from a mum and dad to show them the right path in life, right foxy? yes ??? but I
want you because you make my life so full of light and happiness plus it's all new to me.

I then said to foxy, you know quite well where my heart is at this moment I am trying so hard
not to get hurt ever again plus I need someone that's going to be there for me without a third
party that gets involved when it suits them for whatever reason??? I will never be able to go forward in life under these circumstances, also you no that I want to leave and start a new
life somewhere else with a women of my dreams.

Then foxy said to me... how come you no who? is so close to you ???, my reply was, because
she is want I always wanted and been looking for, plus there is no third party that will ever get involved because she lost her soul mate many years ago... it make all the difference to me
foxy because that kind of love is so, so special they no all about how hard a broken heart
feels, and my last relationship was with a women that was in the same circumstances as her.

But, foxy that doesn't mean I won't fall in love with someone so beautiful and younger than me
that has no kids and wants to start a family... you just don't no foxy what the future holds, that's
why I just go with the flow and when it's feels right I will no.

Then I said to foxy, the reason why I won't bring Lupo around anymore is because I spoke to
your ex and told him that if it makes him feel better about things I won't leave him there!!! foxy
got so mad with me!!! she said... who does that dirty pig think he is trying to tell you and my friends what to do and speak on my behalf... they all need to go back to school and learn
about etiquette and manners that bunch of alcoholics and drug addicts that are a waste of life.

Then foxy said to me... how are things going with that old filthy rotten skedaddle, my reply
was, he has lost his mind foxy, he is drinking about two cases of beer a day and is always
walking around in his undies singing to the trees, shopping trolleys, other men that walk by,
rats, milk crates plus garbage bins that are full of rubbish and the fence...

He has really lost his marbles foxy he thinks that we are living in some kind of new world
that's full of fantasy? he can not distinguish or identify the difference between reality and
fiction anymore, he also thinks that we have been invaded by aliens and thinks he is one
of them... that's why he can brake the law and get away with it.

Foxy then said, what a lost soul without direction or purpose in life, lost in the abyss of
darkness forever... without any light in his life or others that flow his path of physical or
mental abuse!!!

Then foxy said to me... ??? do you no that a lot of people are losing the minds everywhere?
due to the facts that they are playing a game of death by choosing numbers, colours, what
people are wearing and so many other things??? you know that they have all been
brainwashed into thinking that they are from some kind of higher intelligence...

But in actual fact they are using??? things to look inside people homes and rooms and at
the same epoch are braking so, so many laws to do with privacy laws... my reply was, yes
foxy I no quite well what they are doing!!!

It's a massive distortion? somewhat like the governments of the world or different religions
are using radio, the papers and the TV to manipulate world events that aren't even
happening??? do you remember the movie war of the worlds ???, my reply was, yes
foxy why...

It was all a big lie, myth, fib, but most importantly it was a hoax, trick, flimflam, bluff, and a
string of gammon used towards humans it was somewhat so, so criminal that so many
people around the world were held accountable for these unlawful crimes in every court
around there country for performing this type of witchery? my reply was...

Yes foxy I no its punishable by the death penalty especially in all Islamic states around the
world, also all muslim states around the world plus all buddha or buddhism around the world additionally any form of Viking cult or brotherhood...

Then foxy said to me... are you ready for your court hearing ???, have you got all your
evidence in order, my reply was, yes foxy everything is ready to go... plus I have all this new clincher on a few USB one for the courts and one for the accused solicitor, also it's all stored
in a cloud server.

Anyway as night went on... the conversion of a woman? came up again!!! foxy started crying
and crying once more, I said to foxy, you seem to be so, so protective of me Why? foxy, I
hate her so, so much... she doesn't even love you ??? she is only trying to get information out
of you, if she really wanted to get married by now don't you think she would have gone out of
her way, yes foxy you are so right...

It wont be to long before I leave and find true love with someone that really wants me and
start a family and build an empire together... or should I say, one man and one woman acting
as one, its somewhat like a wheel that turns three hundred and sixty degrees and we have it
all covered.

Can I ask you another question ???, what is it now foxy... hasn't that show or program lost it
way in the last few years, my reply was, you hit the nail right on it's head foxy... I can't connect
with any of her co-host anymore, in fact foxy... not even with her anymore, I don't no who she
is or who her co-host are trying to be?

It was so good three and a half years ago... the original one's were the best and were so
good, they all wanted the very best for me... not like these drop kicks now!!! especially this
last year and a half... what a futile, pessimistic, and ill- fated line up of wonders??

Foxy can I tell you something... yes ???, is your phone switch on, holy shit ??? I forgot to turn
it off I am so sorry, ??? can I ask you something else... why not foxy, have you seen or notice people putting things in your way? or want you to touch things on there behalf, yes foxy why?

They are all playing a game of death, they are possessed by the devil and a trying to reverse things with you, plus ??? at the very beginning wasn't there a contact sign in blood? with fixins'
that you are entitle to without question or ever being challenged by anyone whatsoever, yes
foxy why?

You are my living treasure, and they don't care or want or love you like a real person would,
it's just a show to suit there kind? and no one else, plus they give there kind? signs on what
to do and how to go about things... they are always breaking the laws??? by trying to play the
now or manipulate the now, also they keep coming in our homes... somewhat like thieves!!!
there must or should be a mandatory sentencing of fifteen years in jail for anyone trying to
change anything in what ever shape or form or talking??? people must learn to be normal
again, I agree foxy.

Also ??? you told me yourself that she is on 400K to 500K per year and is worth around or
about eleven million... she only cares about herself and her friends that have a dark hidden agenda that only suits themselves... they don't even care about Australia nor the world... nor
do they want to deliver news not as you know it or differently, the truth... it's all a pack of lies
and hype!!! full stop.

Now let me explain the above few statements... what it's all about just before we head off
to court.

The first thing you must keep in mind is... this AVO is about four and a half months of mental
and physical abuse caused by one person in particular? then followed by a group of guys that
all were involved and played a big part in causing me and foxy extreme hurtful and harmful
and emotional suffering, paroxysm, throe, discomfort, torment, distress, and pang... in so, so many ways!!!

You might be thinking to yourself that a lot of this might be about foxy, you are so, so wrong,
why? foxy was just a friend that we used to talk about things and go out... also as I have
mention before I would have used foxy as my first witness to seek an AVO against this
unkempt, scuzzy, slovenly, begrimed, unhygienic, dreggy low life of a man or someone that is transgendering? or what ever you want to call him???

Furthermore, this is not about someone that has been a part of my past? or could be a part
of the present epoch in my life... it's also not about putting foxy down or trying to shame her
or any other woman that I have mention!!! it all about facts??? that occurred that lead to
this AVO.

Moreover... I need everyone to understand the differences that I will write about... one being
this very long description of this AVO that knotty so many laws that were broken??? over
and over again!!! and then there is this next AVO I will write about... why? I would like the
world to be the judge of things? and tell me where is all the fucking justice gone!!! putting it
in a straightforward way and statement... for all to read about it.

Additionally... this has nothing to do with a love story!!! why? you might recall the movie
[AVTAR] where a human man goes undercover to another world to make contact and learn
about things? and there ways of living and become their friends!!! right? when all of a
sudden the female from that tribe was just about to kill that man in discussed... when all of
a sudden she saw a big [SIGN] from the tree of life...

Anyway, getting to the point of things, she fell in love with someone that was so, so different
from her own kind? and got married to him and protected him and he was adored by
everyone? and became there king...

But, one must remember... her father and mother said to her!!! you must teach him our ways
in a physical sense or kinesthesia, somewhat like you must take his hand and never let go
of it and show him our ways? plus you must learn his ways? because if you select him my dearie daughter that's it... you no that we don't move on and on and try who ever suits us or
want to play with?

That's not the way a lady should act, plus this is not our way of doing things? that's how the
both of you will become one? do you all recall this my friends? furthermore to the facts... she wanted and druthers him at the very, very start of things? he didn't choose her... do you all remember!!!

That's not how my life has been nor is it in anyway a fairy tail of a princess and prince... in fact
it's quite the opposite thing??? they are trying to destroy and kill me...

That's why when you read about these two AVO's... they were the one's that dew first
[BLOOD?] against me and my friends and family!!! and as Rambo said... to the general!!!

But, just prior to the conversion happening... do you remember how? it all started.

Here is a brief...

I am just passing by... I came to this place to convey and deliver a package to a widow
because her husband died at war!!! anyway the police officer don't like the look of him
and drove him out of town if you recall...

But, you could see in Rambo and his thoughts??? why should I be kick out of this place
when I have done nothing wrong, as a matter of fact... I have served my country, defended
my country, saved countless lives, plus I am the highest and the most elite war hero to
survive and came back to my home in one quietude...

Also I have a myriad of war medals that I don't no were? to put them... But, I am quite happy
just to wear something so simple not to disclose who I am...

Anyway if you recall... how bad was he treated by the law and his country and his fellow
men??? and let's not forget no fucking respect whatsoever from anyone??? only when it
was a chronology period to do the dirty work for his country because no one could handle
the heat or was as good as him... but what really fucking kills me about those movies was...

How many epochs did he get bent over from everyone after he completed there dirty
missions? sent to jail, made out to be a criminal, had no worth as a human being anymore,
and was so, so degraded by everyone? only when he had enough of all the fucking bullshit
that was continually put on him by everyone... did they see his true colours as an unstoppable

Furthermore to these facts, not even an army of a thousand men could stop this one man, do
you all recall what he did to everyone when they push him over the line? let's just leave it
there... watch all of Rambo movies for yourself... and you will see what one man is capable
of doing, think about it for a while before you make your choice and decision... why? it will
have a toxic, lethal, deadly, venomous and carcinogenic effect on the outcome, trust me on
this quote!!!

By the way... this has everything to do with this AVO why? intimidation, bullying, and
demoralizing scare tactics, threatening and browbeating all played a part in this outcome
and this AVO!!!

As the night pass by my mind went into overdrive... my thoughts about the court case were
going over and over inside my brain, I was thinking about how to approach this AVO... one
must recall that I was representing myself in court because I was... [repudiate, gainsay and deny] legal aid which by the way!!! is there for all disadvantaged? people that need access
to when they can not afford a Barrister or a Solicitor or a Lawyer to represent them...

But, one must keep in mind, these services are only available and obtainable and accessible
for people that are disadvantage, and on social welfare!!! they can not or will not be taking
for a ride or advantage of... you must provide and proffer proof and evidence to obtain their services, plus you must sign a contract that is a binding legal document!!! nothing else will
do, and it must be witness also... e.g word of month or a handshake means absolutely  zip,
nonexistent, nix or nihil.

If you don't believe me on this statement... ask any judge about it... not a Solicitor or a
Barrister or a Lawyer... as a matter of mentioning things why? judges are the one's that
no the laws inside out, that's why they are called a [Judge].

Getting on with things... only a few hours to go, tossing and turning in my bed trying to get
some sleep so I could have a clear mind when I am in court, to make matters even worse,
Lupo keeps licking my feet, face, arms, nose and my lips... somewhat like he was saying
to me I want to go out for a walk and play around with you, how about we go to that private little beach for a swim.

Anyway the epoch arrived... so I had a shower and a shave and got dressed in some nice
but, very casual clothes, what you would call a respectful human gentleman... I then ring up
foxy to let her no that I am dropping of Lupo and going to court.

Once I arrived at foxy place with Lupo... she grabs me and hugged me and gave me the
biggest kiss on my cheek and started crying uncontrollably, I said to foxy, what's wrong!!!
her reply was, ??? they are going to set you up in court, somewhat like they are going to
pay a few people to pervert the course justice from being served on these unhuman beings,
to a great extent a bribe or you could say lagniappe to payoff and influence illegal wrong
activity, judgment and decisions.

I then said to foxy... come on, are you trying to telling me that a sitting judge is going to pervert
the course of justice and contravene, violate, infringe, breach, fail to comply, break, disobey,
and flout Australian laws!!! her reply was... yes ??? you will see for yourself, I then said to
foxy, if that's the case foxy won't they all be indicted for plotting against me and all involved?
summons to go to the highest court of the land with is the HIGH COURT for breaking so many laws foxy...

Yes ??? you'll see for yourself... they are going to set you up!!!

As I approached the court house there was this eerie, superstitious, spectral and spooky
feeling floating around... the first thing that I notice was the court house sentry ask me to pull
up my jeans so he could look at the colour of my socks? which was such an unusual thing
to do why???

For starters the sentinel had a metal detector that is used... so why in hell? would he want to
look at the colour of my socks? this was a very suspicious, leery and quizzical act to do, on
his behalf, plus it's not in the procedure to do that unless the metal detector goes off or tocsin!

Anyway I enter court room number six... and sat down, within a few minutes four female police
offices and one female Lawyer sat right next to me!!! by way... they were all absolutely alluring
and sumptuous women dressed in their uniforms!!! to be quite honest with you, I loved it.

As the juncture went by... I was listening to a few court cases!!! anyway a few hours went by
when all of a sudden I notice that the person with the provisional AVO turned up with his
solicitor and his malicious snivel called romania.

Only a few moments went by when I could see or notice that the person? with the AVO and
his witness were trembling uncontrollable and with fear... somewhat like they knew that Jesus
was watching them and was in the background? plus the sitting judge was looking at them
in such a way that it made them feel so scared with a chilling effect that you could see panic
had set in giving them both cold feet, plus they were so nervous... somewhat like they had
seen a specter, banshee or kelpie reaching for there heart and souls, scaring the living shit
out of them.

It was about half an hour that went by... when all three of them got up and walked out of the
court room, I stayed of course and continued to listen to a few more court cases? until the
sitting judge called for a lunch break or should I say... court adjourned for lunch or recess of
about one hour.

As I returned to the court house after lunch I was approach by the court registrar and we
engage in a conversation... she said to me that I must now go to court room number five!!!
my reply was, why? her reply was, a different judge will now hear your court case, I knew
straight away that this was going to be a very bad omen or you could say auspice for me...
by the way, just to set the almanac straight like a annals, the first judge was absolutely
awesome and mind-blowing!!!

So in I go to court room number five... the next judge appeared, but there was something
so, so different about him, my sixth sense were going crazy and erratic!!! somewhat like
ninpo wanted to come out from within me...


Because this judge had such different features??? I will not elaborate on this why? it's my
secret and it's how I no when someone isn't who they are meant to be... it's a gift given to
me by my soul female partner??? with caucasian skin about five years ago... what do I
mean by this statement, simply put...

It's someone? that user's a human body suit? to camouflage who they really are or you
could say someone in disguise, cloak or pretentiousness if you no what I mean?

Anyway a few cases went by until it was my turn... the judge called us up to the desk, he said
to me, Mr ??? is all your paper work up to date, my reply was, yes your honour plus I have all
this new evidence and documentation that I would like to submit because the court registrar
told me a few weeks ago that this was the procedure!!! also your honour I have not received
any paper work whatsoever from the accused lawyer for weeks...

Being more precise and specific your honour... the accused affidavit and his witnesses

Just before I go on... do you no what an affidavit means? if not, here's a really simple

It's a written document that's confirmed under oath or affirmation that will be used in court
as a testimony and is sign? in front of a solicitor or lawyer and then is signed by the lawyer
or solicitor as a witness to the facts that this person has written about.

Then all of a sudden... the judge said to me, what are you telling me!!! that the accused
person and his lawyer have not given you any paper work at all Mr ???, me reply was, yes
your honour.

You could see that the judge was fuming with anger and his facial expression, language,
syntax articulation, and phraseology had turned for the worst scenario counterfactual thinking.

The judge then looked at the accused and his lawyer and said... is that true Mr ??? being the
lawyer, you have not provided any paper work for Mr ??? after so many weeks have gone
bye? and it is a standard procedure that is required by Australia law, furthermore Mr ??? you
no quite well that I can dismiss this case and award this AVO to Mr ??? because you have
not comply, satisfy, ditto, perform, obey, fulfill, conform to, and abide by Australian laws.

Just before I go gone... as you can see for yourself or read about it, I had already won this
court case even before we went on why? the judge hit the nail right on it's head... the accused
with the AVO and his solicitor did not meet nor comply with the laws of Australia, it's that
fucking simple.

Secondly and foremost... the solicitor or lawyer was so cynical and somewhat of a hypocrite
and so hypocritical about everything? that he didn't even no that he was just about to lie under oath to the sitting judge... here's why?

He him self... being a practising lawyer or solicitor should have being more careful about his
words? why? here's the kicker... he reply to the judge when asked to give him an answer to
his question which was... why have you not given Mr ??? any paper work for this case!!!

And on juncture or you could say chronology if that is more simple!!! please explain this to me
and Mr ??? and the court of Australia.

He then reply... are you all ready for this??? here we go, your honour we have just received an
affidavit from the accused with the AVO and a affidavit from his witness!!! this morning...

Now what is that saying? to everyone reading? about this AVO, do the words "perjury" and
trying to pervert the course of "justice" come to mind... yes or no!!! furthermore... to these
"facts" the sitting judge and myself pick up on his words or you could say, his statement
about the affidavit, which was fabricated, concoct, ad lib, impromptu and manufactured with
no proof whatsoever, just a bunch of lies.

As far as I was concern... that now accounts for two strikes!!! what do I mean by this? well
for starters no paper work was received by me, strike one... then the lawyer did not comply
with the laws of Australia and did not do anything in a temporal length of a period... that is
a standard practice, implementation and execution required by the institution of the law
society!!! strike two.

Furthermore if this was a normal human being court... the first strike would have been
enough to win the court case!!! but no... we had to go for the second strike and continue
to the breakpoint of braking so many laws along the way!!! what do you all think? about
this so far, is this fair or should I say... justice, yes or no.

Anyway the judge then said to me... Mr ??? I can see that this has been a very long and is
quite unorthodox, idiosyncratic and it is nonconformist in any way whatsoever, plus this
court case has been adjourned so many tempos because of the accused and his solicitor
or lawyer not doing the right thing by you nor the court of Australia nor by the code of laws!!!

Moreover and in addition to this... we now have so much more new evidence, proof,
attestation of the truth, averment, avouchment, avowal, asseveration and allegations.

The judge then said to me... what would you like me to do, me reply was, your honour firstly
and foremost I have all this new evidence that I would like to submit, then I would like you
to award me this AVO against this person because I have not received any paper work
whatsoever, plus your honour since the last continuance there has been so many other
incidents and circumstances that have occurred.

Furthermore your honour to these facts... as you have just heard from the accused lawyer,
the affidavit from the person? with the provisional AVO and his witness were written and
sign today? plus they did not meet the allotment period and aeon that was required by the
laws of Australia, strike three... out.

Just before I go on, do the rules of baseball come to mind? the rules clearly state!!! three
strikes and your out for good or forever... bye, bye end of story, you can't even contest,
challenge, argue, dispute, demur and pussyfoot with the rules, again your out, start walking
home, that's the umpire decision, verdict, ruling, and decree... it applies to everyone, there
is no discrimination.

The judge then said to me... do you no if I adjourn this again it wont be until a few months go
by before there is a hearing date, my reply was, your honour... I have done everything that
was required by me and the court of Australia and on tempo!!! why must I be made to suffer because the accused and his lawyer did not meet their requirements, plus I have just received
the paper work today... I haven't even had the juncture to go through it, were is all the justice hear!!!

The judge then reply... Mr ??? let's have an hour brake so you can think about things, so when
you return to this court room... you can give me your answer, also Mr ??? could you please
read through these affidavits in detail before you make your decision, my reply was, ok your honour.

So off I go to the local coffee shop and order a cappuccino with a French croissant buttered
with multi fruit flavoured jam... and a bread roll with bacon and eggs, I started reading these affidavits in detail, after reading all there lies...

Just before I go gone, Why? would I say this, I had all the proof that was submitted to the court
and to the accused solicitor a few months ago plus I had all this new evidence on a few USB
that I wanted the judge to look at...

So of I go... I started walking towards the court, once there I had to go through all these aegis
checks and regulations before I was aloud back inside the court edifice.

Once inside court room number five... the judge said to me, Mr ??? have you thought about
and read the evidence and affidavits put forward, my reply was, yes your honour and under
the laws of Australia I reject these two affidavits for a few reasons...

First off your honour they are a bunch of lies... secondly your honour, the accused lawyer
did not meet the Australia codes of law and they failed to provide me with any evidence
whatsoever in a temporal length that is required by law, also your honour I have all this new evidence!!! this is not a fair and just way? it seems to me that something is so, so wrong
with these procedure? so on these grounds a totally reject, dismiss, disallow, refute, decline
and jettison there... testament, evidence, attestation and colloquy... putting it so, so simple
your honour!!! it's all within my rights.

That's strike four... as far as I am concern, and just to set the annals straight and undeviating!!!

The judge then said to the accused solicitor, under the laws of Australia... Mr ??? is totally
right and within the laws to reject your affidavits, so on this claim I also will reject your
affidavits!!! they will not be admissible evidence to this court case.

Then the judge said to me... Mr ??? would you like me to adjourn this court case so I and the accused lawyer can review all this new evidence, but you must keep in mind Mr ??? the next
hearing date won't be for another few months!!! my reply was, your honour I have all really
submitted so much proof and evidence that I don't want to wait for another few months, so on
these grounds I will continue today with this court case, but in saying that your honour, I still
have all this new evidence that I would like to put forward.

The judge then said, I will consider it if I need more proof, but from what I've seen so far,
that wont be necessary and needful at this juncture, I am quite sure you have so much more
evidence on those USB to put him behind bars or should I say jail forever isn't that right
Mr ???, my reply was, that's right your honour... forever.

The judge then said to me, could you please approach the witness stand, which I did, then the
court registrar came over to me and said... Mr ??? please raise your right hand, do you swear
to tell the hold truth and nothing but the truth so help you god, my reply was, I do.

Just before I go gone... this was the biggest mistake I could have done why? being a religious
person that believes in Jesus and in god as one entity that can not be separated, I through
about all the consequences that would happen to me if I lie, what a fucking idiot I was!!! in believing that I would go to hell, why? I have always be in hell, nothing has ever change in
my life.

Furthermore after seeing these people from the middle east crossing there fingers behind
there backs when swearing under oath... plus the police offices giving false evidence and testimony under oath... why should I have done any different to those people or believe
anything different, but being who I am I did.

Now according to me... that's strike five!!! why? I told the truth, but they lie under oath putting
it so simple and readable.

Anyway I was cross examination by the accused solicitor for about one hour... always giving
an affirmative answer, yes or no!!! nothing in-between and to long, there were a few occasion
that the judge asked me to elaborate on the answer which I did, here is an example, the
lawyer told me to confirm certain dates and events that happen, which I did because I had my diary with me.

Moreover, the lawyer told me to confirm... did I see the accused do these events, my reply
was, yes I did, plus Mr ??? the other events were all recorded and on video, that's how I no
that he did all of those things, also Mr ??? I have a USB for you and the judge to confirm
what I am saying why don't you have a look at it, the lawyer all of a sudden went so, so quite somewhat like he was rattled, shattered and jolted... and immediately and promptly changed
his questioning.

Then it became my turn to cross examination the two... one being the person with the AVO
and his witness, anyway the person with the AVO was called up to the witness box, the court registrar then approach him and said... please rise your right hand, do you swear to tell the
whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me god, he replayed... yes I do.

Just before I even started question him, he turns to the judge shaking and trembling... with
no respect whatsoever and said, could you tell him to not look at me, the judge was so mad,
he said to him, when you address me, it is your honour, do I make myself clear Mr ???
furthermore Mr ??? if you don't like or you can not handle the way Mr ??? is looking at you
please turn the other way... I see absolutely nothing wrong with the way Mr ??? is looking
at you.

Now just before I go gone, the person with the AVO was looking everywhere else except
straight at me and my eyes... now if this was in an American court under this female judge
that's on the VID that show me for years and years how entrapment works... guess what?
strike six your out.

Why? it's so, so simple, your body language already tells me you are guilty as hell without
doubt, bye, bye your out forever.

So I started my cross examination with the person with the AVO... the first thing I say to him
was, are you sure about what you wrote in your affidavit and then got the lawyer to sign it, he replayed, yes I am sure, I then said to him, could you please look at these photos of you
throwing beer cans everywhere and you drinking... Is that you in the photos, yes or no!!! he
did not want to reply to my question, so the judge then said, Mr ??? you will answer Mr ??? question, is it yes or no, he then replayed, yes it is...

The next question was... you stated that your friend and the witness that sign this affidavit was
right next to you when these events happen, another way of putting it Mr ??? he sat right next
to you on the same seat, is the right, yes or no, he replayed, yes that's correct.

My next question was, so Mr ??? you denial that you propelled a beer bottle full of beer inside
a bin while I was recording everything with my phone in plain sight for everyone to see and
leaning on it, is that right Mr ??? yes or no, he then replayed, that's right, I then said to him,
Mr ??? I need an answer, yes or no, he then replayed, yes... I then said thank you!!!

I then said to Mr ??? why would I have called the police to come out if you did not do what you
have just denial, plus do you recall I was full of beer all over my shirt, also Mr ??? why was
there a police event number on the day... here is the event number Mr ???, so what, are you
saying that I have made this all up... yes or no, he did not want to answer the question!!! the
judge said with a stern voice... you will answer Mr? question, yes or no, he then replayed yes.

My next question was Mr ??? have you been drinking and taking drugs today before you
showed up for court today because you are trembling and shaking... the judge looked at me
and said, Mr ??? that will not be admissible to this hearing, my reply was, sorry your honour
I just wanted to no.

I then said to the judge, I would like to cross examination the other witness now, and if I need
to recall Mr ??? for further questioning I will.

Just before I go gone... the person with this provisional AVO had already crucify himself, why?
he did not realized that he got caught out lying under oath here why? I had already provided
so much evidence to the courts and to the accused lawyer by way of photos and police event numbers!!! so how could I be lying about all these facts and he was telling the truth, it's
impossible Why? the facts and proof that was provided don't lie, also I had all this new
evidence on a few USB.

As far as I am concern that is strike seven!!!

We now come to witness number two... the judge ask him to approach the witness box which
he did, the court registrar then came over and said to him, do you swear to tell the whole truth
and nothing but the truth so help me god, which he did.

My first question to Mr ??? was, in your affidavit that you provided and sign today? you say
that you were sitting next to Mr ??? when a few of these events occurred, yes or no, he
replied yes.

I then say to him, so how can it be that you have written on your affidavit and then sign by the lawyer and sworn under oath that you did not see anything? but you are here to support and
to give evidence on behalf of the accused, I don't understand how this could be!!! did you not
just say and admitting in this court room that you were sitting right next to the accused when
all of this had unfolded yes or no Mr ???...

All of a sudden he when into a anxiety or panic attack and refused to answer my question...
the judge then said to Mr ??? were you there or not... it's that simple, yes or no, he then
replied yes.

The judge then said to Mr ??? I fine it so hard to understand how you did not see anything
Mr ??? when you have just said that you were right next to Mr ??? please explain this to me.

Anyway I wont go into what was said by the witness, all I will say is this, the judge look at
Mr ??? and said to him... I believe and think you are lying Mr ??? isn't that so, he then
replied, no your honour that's not true.

But before I go gone any further... the judge had already caught out Mr ??? lying under oath
with his questioning, this was the first epoch that the judge knew that the witness was lying...
strike eight!!! and, as a matter of mention things, the court case should have been throw out
of court for lying under oath, perjury and preventing the course of justice there and then... it's
so, so simple.

My next question was, Mr ??? is it not true that Mr ??? was drinking beer and when I came
home tried to intimidate, threaten, coerce and dragoon me with that beer bottle yes or no
Mr ??? again he went into a anxiety or panic attack and refused to answer my question, the
judge got so mad with him and said, did he or didn't he do that... yes or no Mr ???

He then replied no... the judge then said to him how could this be Mr ??? I have photos and
a police event number that tells me another story... let me put this forward to you Mr ??? you
lying under oath isn't that right Mr ??? he then said, no your honour I am telling the truth, the
judge then said how could you be telling the truth when you have just stated something totally different to what you said a few moments ago!!! it doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever Mr ???.

Again just before we move on, does lying under oath, perjury and preventing the course of
justice come to mind... strike nine!!! also the judge was getting very upset with this witness!!! because there was no truth in his statements or in what he wrote on his affidavit...

My next question was... Mr ??? you say that you have never seen and heard anything bad
from this person and you are drinking friends, isn't that right Mr ??? he then replied, yes
that's right, I then said to him...

So why did I have to ring the police on your behalf to protect you on this date when he tried
to hit you, I also have this police event number plus I have the phone records to prove it that
I rang the police, furthermore Mr ??? you have just say again in this court room that the
accused has never done any wrong? yet I had to ring the police to chaperon you from this
brute of a man... isn't that right Mr ??? yes or no...

Once again he went into a anxiety or panic attack and refused to answer my question, then
out of nowhere the judge with such a stern voice said to Mr ??? answer the inquisition yes
or no Mr ??? it's that simple... he then replied, we were drinking and he was so drunk and it
got out of hand, the judge then said again I want an answer to Mr ??? question... is it yes or
no Mr ??? he replied yes.

I then said to Mr ??? I have one last question for you, how come after so many months that
went by and this court case has been adjourned a few continuance and lastingness did
you wait until today to give your sworn affidavit to the lawyer and to this court and let's not
forget Mr ??? I did not even receive your statement, testimony, declaration about the truth,
evidence, or should I say your affidavit until this morning...

I put this forward to you Mr ??? you were forced, compelled and grudge to make an unpopular decision to write about facts that are totally untruthful and deliberately misleading to the actual facts that occurred over the last four and a half months and then you signed this affidavit, plus
Mr ??? you are lying under oath isn't that right Mr ??? yes or no...

A few moments went bye and the witness again refused to answer the question that was put
to him, again the judge with such a stern, steely and inflexible voice said to him, answer the wringer yes or no, it's that straightforward and uncomplicated Mr ???, he then replied, no, no,
it's not true.

No more question your honour I am done with both witness!!!

As far as I am concern that's strike number ten Why? as you all can read about, how many
era did the accused and his witness lie under oath, plus the judge himself quite a few... chronology and narratives said that they were lying under oath and to the judge himself and
to the court?

Furthermore why would I be concern about the outcome, outcome, result, aftermath,
conclusion consequence,  and denouement about this AVO... I already proved beyond reasonable doubt that I was telling the truth and they were lying about everything and
lying under oath!!!

Moreover, I remember what foxy said to me this morning... those words were going though
my mind over and over all day... especially when she said to me, ??? things wont go your
way they are going to pervert the course of justice, also perjury and obstruction of justice
on a scale never ever seen in any court of law in Australia trust me ??? they are not going
to follow? procedures? you'll see... it's not in there best interest, please hold me darling
and kiss me for good luck.

Stop it foxy... we are just friends, nothing is going to happen, I will triumph one way or

Just before I give everyone the verdict in this court case, please read it over and over!!! and
you make up your own mind... if this is what you would put yourself through or your mother
or father or grandfather or grandmother...

You be the judge...

The judge... then called for a few hours recess or should I say a break to make his decision!!!

Anyway a few hours went bye and the judge came back and sat on his chair... and then ask
me and the accused to stand up, anyway he then read out the verdict...

He's words were, all though there is all this outstanding evidence... I am not convinced
beyond reasonable doubt that the accused should or deserves an AVO against him, but
he must pay for all his fees, expenditure and disbursement.

PDQ, just before I go on with the last court case regarding an AVO, one must consider the
above case and the next one that I will tell you about and write about, Why? I want you to
compare the two cases... and, think about these words!!! corruption, bribery, breach of trust, demoralization, injustice, bias, favoritism, unfairness and oppression...

Futhermore to the above ABCs... it's been about six months or so since I started writing
again, Why? could you even fathom, grasp or cognize or understand... how long? a court
case could go on for.

To be quite honest with you... some take years and years, and are a real pain in the ass!!!

Moreover... there's so much that I need to put out there before I finish this next AVO and this
sales page, and move on to the next website that I will build and write about.

As I ponder about the next case... or maybe I should use the words mull or puzzle over, Why?
because it's quite sad, distressing, unfortunate and so, so sorrowful to say the very least...

Another way of put it, is...

It's when communications or you could say!!! systems of information exchange between a
man and a woman are no longer acting as one, it's somewhat like milk and honey are no
longer so, so good for you... especially when put on a piece of toast or a croissant.

What a load of horse shit... Right? everyone knows how good milk and honey are for you.

When you really think about it, you just wish they would fuse, flux and integrate as one again,
it would be so, so easy to... just bloody [KISS] and makeup!!! or even better, just give each
other the biggest pash that would last for a few minutes in front of a crowd? or a forum?...

And, proclaim their love for each other once and for all... and, for all to see and quiver over,
so everyone can feel their vibrations, pulses, and rhythms of their hearts throbbing... over
and over as one? moreover, finally get married and stop all the games that have been
going on for years...

Additionally to the above articulation... Why? nothing is ever going to be 100%, here's Why?
or should I say... here's the thingamabob!!!

When someone or a group of people say 100% in conveying a certain statement? or
moreover, has one or more hidden subordinate clauses that are not known to other
person or persons involved... they are quite deceitful, janus-faced, cunning, two-faced, machiavellian and illusory to say the very least... don't you think? it's so, so knavish
and roguish...

Here's an example...

When you say 100% you could be referring, alluding or attributing to the text or these words
spoken in many different ways, and with so many meanings... e.g did you get 100% in a test?
or did you get 100% of the information? required to make the right  judgment, preference or decision or conclusion.

Here's another illustration or archetype...

Did you know... that 100% could also be used in this context, lexicon or circumstances!!!

The clothes you are wearing are made of 100% of this or that, or they where made in a
certain locus 100% by these people!!!

As you can see or read about it... I am very straightforward, candid, truthful and sincere
when writing or you could say, hieroglyphics when speaking or enunciation about words!!!
and their meanings or purport... without any dark or obscure side to it.

If I had to put this next case onwards in a few words to describe this stupid, hideous,
repulsive and grotesque situation, it would go something like this...

How? could a mother? or father? or brother? or even a sister? have any entitlements,
privilege, guerdon or preemptive over something that's not theirs!!! furthermore, How could
anyone else have access to this person rights? or dueness when he or she is still alive or
if she or he dieded and left everything to that one and only person!!! that they loved with all
heart and soul.

That my friends is how the law works, and anyone that tries to pervert the course of justice...
been human or non human as a matter of speaking, will spend their entire life in jail until
there body has been reduced to dust...


Because it's a criminal offence... and, also falls under so many other law breaking offences.

Just before I go on... I would like to show you one of my Knights Templar seal, I think it's quite
cool, and it goes all the way back to where it all started... over 1478 years ago, but it's so, so
modern and has my name on it... The other one has so, so many more things on it, and it's
just incredible.

Put on this website on the 31/01/2018 by myself G.S.G.

G.S.G Knights Templar Seal

This next section... or you could say, this part will be about what I have observed with my eyes
and, keep hearing with my ears...

It's quite shocking that these facts have gone into the work places, churches, in officials
offices that hold a certain position in our society... but the worst thing is, it's out on the
street, it's among places where people go to spend time with there family and friends... e.g. restaurants, parks, just to name a couple of places...

But, what really fucks me right off is...

It's gone into the toilets, [public] and at home... furthermore into the family home shower and
public showers at the pools... just to name a few places.

This sickness has now become epidemic among all of us... that want to be normal and healthy.

I will give you so, so many examples of what is being said... their minds have became so, so
sick and diluted with fantasy beyond comparison nor understanding.

The first example will be... get ready for this one, why? this is how insane they have became,
did you no that Queen Victoria was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and [Ireland] from 20 June 1837 until her death. On 1 May 1876... yet these malignant beings talk about her
everyday as if she is still alive... that is total madness within their brains, now here is the kicker
so to speak... read this paragraph over a few epochs and you will find the clue that I am talking
about, it's to suit a certain group of people.

Moving forward with the next example... while I am enjoying a bit of music in the background
while writing this next paragraph, its total madness that's happening... this is about a hand
shake and just a plain piece of paper that's blank... but, first off I must tell you have they
do and believe what they are doing is right... again only in their weird and confused and disorientation minds.

For starters they may use people that are next to my office, or people that are right next to my
mother place when I go to eat or have a shower there or they may use voices from certain
people to start the sequence that make then believe in what they are doing is right, furthermore
it goes even beyond that... they will use a colour milk create and have someone sit on it, or
black nail polish on their hands or feet... The voices that I speak about are in this song from a
great female singer from oversee, she put it so, so beautiful.

What is it that I will expose now... first off it's about a simple hand shake, then about a plain
piece of paper, by the way... this is all illegal, plus its saying to myself that they think they can undermined a Grand Master or a Knight Templar that has high orders or the justice system.

Let's start off with the hand shake, it has been for myself a sweet hello and it could end up as
a sad goodbye or a nice goodbye or we will meet again, nothing more that's it, so where I am
heading with this... well, once I give someone a hand shake... the whole day begins with what
suits them and not myself, an e.g is... when they do it with the wrong intentions, I assume it
means I own you a blow job or a hand relief job, this mainly applies to men and some women
or it could also mean...

This only applies to women... let's go and have a real big masturbution session with our ever explaning dildo collection... as I said from the start of this paragraph, only when you have the wrong intensions and do it on purpose to play your fuck up game.

Why? I have already explain what it means to me, but here is the kicker... there are certain people? that will then pop up on purpose and do a hand shake with someone else and believe
in their minds that a deal has been done just because I saw that, its somewhat like me saying
to them, do you wipe your dirty smelly asshole and bum cheeks with your left hand first and
then with your right hand and them slap it all together and say that's a deal done between the
two of them...

Please call the officials or acting authority or judges on these people ASAP, they are so, so

The next thing is... trying to show me a piece of paper or waving it around myself, it means
absolutely nothing to myself nor has it got any bearing to myself... in fact, it only means that I
have gone and done a big shit in the toilet and look at it and the colour of it... its not that nice,
by the way, that's how I see it people, when you have the wrong intention.

As I move on to this continuing problem... that has came about in the last year or so, they think
or they believe that they can just ask for things that don't belong to them and when you reverse
the situation on them... they became very aggressive and truculent on you, for example... they
break so, so many laws by becoming perverts by trying to come into your home and claiming things that don't belong to them, but are yours and your family... also breaking the privacy act
and so many other laws.

So, let say you then go about reversing the situation on them, by saying to them, this is just an
example people... I now own the whole internet world wide and nandos chicken world wide
also Mcdonalds world wild and KFC world wide... does this now mean that it belongs to
myself, because if this is the case... its a done deal, please get all the contacts in place so
I can sign them ASAP, no hand shake thank you very much, just the right way going about
doing the deal with my legal team in place and, as they say... take that, which I will do with no hesitation.

And, the voices that are out side my office that say never, become... its all for you.

As I continue to write today, being the 07/02/18 many things happen yesterday... for starters
I couldn't believe my eyes and ears that my so call mum is still apart of it and, still playing this
game around here place and also others that she connects with, and when the going gets
so tuff... she pulls out here Bible, but the funny thing is... When I pull out my Bible it has no
meaning to her or anyone else that plays this fucking game...

So, what I am I talk about... its just trying to be a normal human being, why? because they all
want to be better than everyone else with egos that blows that hard out of their ass, this also
appies to Keith, Nando, Paul, Spiro, and especially Chris, Vula, Som, Phil and Muhammad,
John, Johnny, Tom, Tommy, Valentae and that's just to name a few of then.

Anyway what happen was qiute shocking and so, so sad... as I have said so far, the madness
that's happening within their minds is so, so incredible... they refuse to heal and get better, the
sickness within them can not even be contained beyond 15 to 30 mins, that's how bad it is.

The events that happen today where, a kiwi fella went absolutely crazy in a medical centre
and wanted to kill this guy, then in the same medical centre within the hour, a group of
italian men did the same thing, by the way... the medical centre was full of people when this
all went down... but, the worst thing was... all the doctors felt so, so, aghast and terrified with panic- stricken motions by these people actions and words and the way they carried on in
front of everyone.

And, the biggest problem in all of this is... this guy called Nando from Italy... that's it.

Just before I go on... have you ever seen a Knight Templar Seal... With Royal and holy blood
line that spans back well over 1500 years.

 My Knights Templar Royal Seal G.S.G

Unfortunately the next few paragraphs will be so, so severe, stern and inflexible to all I refer
to and mention and cite... sorry but, that is just the way it is.

There will also be a few things that I will write about that are out of context to the above... so
get ready and be prepared for it.

We will start off with the pornstars...

Have you ever heard how many women when they are about to have an orgasm scream out...
Oh God I can't get enough of it, Oh God please don't stop, Oh God give it to me deeper and
deeper, Oh God I am coming again, Oh God your hitting the right spot everytime, that it feels
like my head and body are having explosions.

Have you ever heard how many women when they are about to have an orgasm scream out...
Oh God I can't get enough of it, Oh God please don't stop, Oh God give it to me deeper and
deeper, Oh God I am coming again, Oh God your hitting the right spot everytime, that it feels
like my head and body are having explosions, Oh God... you are hitting my G spot just so, so
impeccably and exquisitely that my legs won't stop shaking, because they become somewhat
like jelly, and then there's this unforgettable one where you can here her say, Oh God what's
its like having ice cream that melts in your month and has a beautiful aftertaste.

With all that say and put out there, I will give you my thoughts about that whole paragraph.

But, just before I do that... I would like to tell you something that happen the other day, on the
11-04-2018. I was just about to have lunch at a shopping centre, as I sat down to eat, this little
girl and her older brother sat down right next to me, the little girl sat down beside me, and her little brother, but much older sat on the oppsite side of the table.

Anyway, as her father return to give them their wraps to eat, I notice that this little girl could not
stop looking at me, I don't no why? but she just couldn't... anyway as I started eating I notice
that she was eating her wrap filled with ham and other beautiful food, but she would not stop
looking at me while she was eating, but the funny thing was, she keep playing with her hair
at the same epoch as she was eating...and saying baby, baby or lover, lover then husband...
by the way, it was in a ponytail... I also notice on her pink T-Shirt it had some writing on it
which said... I Love and it also had hearts on it, then as I was about to leave her father say...
take him before you lose him.... like fucking WOW.

So what are my secret answers to all of that... yes I get it, you can have that, and yes to your
little brother you can have that, sorry about your chicken wrap that wasn't any good, but its
inside out of sight, also for the tall one? yes you can have that because I saw a photo on instagram and the sign?, as for the shorter one, I have no idea what you want... because you
are changing your mine to many epochs per day.

So as I get back to the Oh God situation and conclusion... one must real think deep down as
to why? some many women call out or should I say...scream out Oh my God or God when they
just about to climax...

Why? do I think and write and say this... well I always believe that God was the almighty that
created everything known to humans and non-humans, but from what I am hearing from these
pornstars... God must be so, so horny that his spirt must be flowing through these women and
at the same epoch giving then a thrill that no one could possibly imagine, there's also just one
more thing that one must think about that's must be so, so good for these pronstars women,
and that is...

These guys that are servicing these women are all super fit studs with a 9 to 12 inches and sometimes even bigger cocks that can last 30 mins to 45 mins without coming, its like fucking WOW... where did I go wrong in life? just imagine a woman calling you God because you know
how to make her feel way beyond the normal and for her constantly screaming out for more
and more God... but, not your name and on top of that, doing a film to show the world how good
you are at fucking them... WOW, God... don't forget to included me somewhere along the line
someday when you have a moment... because I also want that, pretty please.

This belongs to the other paragraph... to the shorter one, you are looking so fucking HOT and
fit... just love you in black baby, WOW.
Would you like to no more about the [LAW]
and, how having a respected traditional well established firm with a myriad of Barristers, Lawyers, Solicitors that will "HELP" you out
of a awkward or cluttered situation in a flash

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