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know so, so much about the [LAW] so to speak, it's entirely up to you what you do or how
you [Clarify, Decipher or Limn] any part of the dossier that I will cuneiform.

Now that you have read and understood the above statements and, take [full Responsibility,
Influence and, all Liability] for your own actions as a manner of speaking.

Let's kick off with some down to terra writing, info and details.

Just before I start writing about a few auditory, if you click on the tab that has [Family Law
Attorneys] on the left there's a few good articles in there but, I need to rewrite some of it
or parts of it.

I recall this hearing not to long ago roughly about two years ago from when I started writing
this article 27/11/2019 or you could say events that where brought forward to the courts to
palpate with.

It was about a prostitute or should I say, a working woman who engages in sexual activity
for payment and pleasure.

There where a few points that I had to consider because I wasn't sure of what this female
working girl was claiming from people that she was actively involved in for payment and
pleasure which is part of her job.

Also just before I go on there has been a few others that have come forward with the same
melee or rhubarb.

Just before the questions where ask to this working woman I had to establish the basis
and if there was any recognition that the laws that are in place could come to a conclusion.

The first question that was ask to this woman was, do you get payed to have sexual
intercourse with people and is it at a brothel where most people go.

Her answer was yes.

The next question was, depending on the services you provide also determines how much
one must pay for that avail, furthermore am I right in saying that the average people you
gratify per day is in the vicinity of about a dozen people per day.

Her answer was yes.

The next question was, do you believe that a person that services over 50 people per week
really understands what love is? and, in addition to saying that how many people could or
would you say I love you especially if the price is right and they keep coming back to you.

Her answer was no to [Love] when you talk about 50 people or more per week, and maybe
because its all work related I would say that to people that pay more and keep coming back
to see me.

So in saying all of that the answer to the first part that you have come to court for us to
determine, what you think to be an inherently deserving of special treatment or privileges
plus entitlements from one or more people you services per day or week is, absolutely
no and nothing because it is part of your job and its what you want to do with your life
right? no one is force you its by your own choice.

As we now move on to the second part that you have brought forward for the courts to
decided on and determine but, we don't quite understand what this has got to do with
aggravated assault and battery that you say two men from an Australian background
bashed you by striking you violently with their closed fists for about 15 min's or more until
you where in a unconscious state and presumed cadaverous, all because these two men
spend hours on end at a pub before hand and where so, so intoxicated and out of control.

My first question to you is, what do you mean by that you are a full celestial being, aren't
we all human beings from as far as I have know it, please elaborate on this I don't quite
understand what you are talking about or where you are coming from.

We call ourselves full celestial beings because we look into people homes without any
sanction or authorization whatsoever, we also look at people when they are having a
shower plus when they are having sex with one another, furthermore we communicate
with one another by using our minds, we like to spread rumours amongst ourselves and
make human beings feel very, very uncomfortable and underrated because we believe
we are above them and the laws of the lands furthermore we make up our own Laws to
suit us or ourselves when need be.

Young lady with what you have just said I have the right to lock you up for such a very long
epoch because you have broken so, so many Laws of the land and that's for starters, and
if that was so or the circumstances what are you doing here in court wasting everybody's
precious and valued and let's not forget expensive epoch.

Now that you have said that, I have a few questions for you, try to answer them in the best
possible way.

Firstly and foremost these are all the Laws that have been broken by you and all the ones
that are calling themselves full celestials even if they exist which is totally untrue, and I will
tell you why after you read all the Laws the are being broken daily.

Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Cybercrime Act, RIPA Act, Privacy Laws and Act,
Stalking and Harassment Act, Ethnic Intimidation Laws or Act, Family Law Act, Tartious
Act, Causation Law, and the Public Nuisance Laws and Acts, Breaking and Entering
Crimes Act, Abuse of The Surveillance Devices Act, Telecommunications Act, Stealing
Crimes Act, Postal Services Act, Discrimination Act, Racial Discrimination Act, Sex
Discrimination Act, Bullying Laws, Anti Cult Act, Brainwashing Laws and Acts by the
way young lady each and everyone of these Laws and Acts, that have been broken come
with hefty fines and a jail term to each and everyone of these Acts and Laws that have
been riven and broken.

Another reason why you are so wrong in saying that you are what you think you might be
is, why would we go to an election and the very next day change the outcome? what was
the point of it all, furthermore that also comes with other Law Braking offences such as
Fraud which is under the Crimes Act, Embezzlement Crimes Act, Larceny Crime Act,
Identity Theft Enhancement Act, Electoral Fraud Act, Postal Corporation Act, and that's
just the start.

Additionally or should I say not to mention young Lady, anyone involved in trying to set up
a person for their own good falls under so many Laws and By-Laws Why? because you
think out or plan an action, especially a crime beforehand, it is calculated, per-planned
and deliberate with an intentional outcome without that other person knowing, it is also
characterized by fully conscious willful intent and by a measure of forethought and or also
in depth preparation.

Now that you have read all the changes that will be lay I have a few questions for you, then
we will move on to the aggravated assault and battery that you say that these two men did
to you.

My first question is, if you believe that you are a full celestial being which you are not and I
will explain in detail why? to you at the end of all my questions Ok, is where do you come

Then my second question to you is, I have read so, so many books just on Religion and
Cultured Despiser's and as far as I am concern, anything that is celestial is heavenly, divine,
ethereal, astronomical, in the heavens, angelic, and empyrean and that's just to name a few.

So in saying that, how could you be in a human body or be in a physical state?

The third question is, from what I have read celestial beings that are heavenly have wings,
where are yours I can't see them and could you fly around in this court room with about
100 other people that are here watching you.

The fourth question is, we have the atmosphere and the stratosphere plus the ozone layers
and a few more others, why and how would you come down to earth when you are spouse
to protect the heavens, that's what's been writing in every book the I have read.

Just before you answer and give me a response to these questions above I would like to
ask you a different type of question, its not a hornswoggle or anything like that, I just want
to no what you think OK.

If you where given a choice between a Shark of around 3 meters long and a Dolphin of the
same size 3 meters long, who do you think would win the fight in the water and why?

What's your reply, unquestionably a Shark because its so aggressive and has a forceful
way to pursue its predator's furthermore it has razor sharp teeth compared to a Dolphin.

That was the response that I had expected to hear, do you want to no Why? its the same
response I get from everyone I ask it to.

But, that facts are quite different believe it or not, do you want to no Why?

Yes I do.

Well for starters a Shark has many weakness and weak points, did you no that?

No I did not.

But, that facts are quite different believe it or not, do you want to no Why?

Well its nose, eyes, underbelly and its gills are all weak points, and the way a Dolphin
kills a Shark is by collapsing its gills so it can not breathe anymore, its somewhat like
it starts drowning because it is unable to eupnea.

I don't believe you, well its true young Lady the Dolphin attacks from underneath where
it can not been seen from the Shark and with a speed so, so fast that it uses its head to
strike the Sharks gills to collapse them so it will drown, its that simple furthermore a
Dolphin has a blow hole it doesn't have gills.

Here is an example of how it is done. https://bit.ly/2Y3sCw1 

The answer to your first question is, I can't say because you won't believe me and that's
the truth, so in saying that I can not give you the retort that you want to know.

The answer to your second questions is, its what we have been told to say because its
one of the ways that we like to intimidate humans.

The answer to your third question is, no I can't fly around this court room and no I have not
got wings, but we are narrated to say we have them because its what they have show us
at the cine and we have also been delineated to say it no matter what.

The answer to your forth question is, once again we have be shown at the cine how they
somehow use a transportation system.

Now that you have given me these answers, can you see why? you are not what you claim
to be, furthermore in you saying that they use a transportation system can you show me
right now that you can leave this courtroom.

No I can not.

I have a few more questions for you OK, once again they are not to dupe you in any form
whatsoever I just want a reply from you.

I want to at least try to help you get some justices when it comes to your claim of Stalking
and Harassment plus Aggravated Assault and Battery by these two men.

The first question is, you say that your kind of people look into peoples homes and showers
and bedroom when they are having sex right.

I am right in saying that after you do these illegal actions on a daily basis you use bar codes
or anything else to inform all the others in what to do, once again its all premeditated to
intimidate humans or a person, furthermore am I right in saying that you wait until that person
or group of people leave their homes before you or someone within that complex or near by
places things around the place to once again inform your kind of what to do and say after
looking inside, again only for your gain and benefit? plus to try and change the outcome?

The answer to your first question is, Yes we are all known as perverts and we have become
so, so distorted by it, furthermore we have become abnormal.

The answer to your second question is, Yes we do use what you are saying, plus people
that work for the VID and Air Waves also the GPS signal on a phone and the GPS signal
that are in cars furthermore we use committee members and people that are in high places
within the government, in addition to that we always play dumb, and always try to win by
changing the outcome because we can't stand losing to humans.

Do you know why? you can never ever beat humans,

No tell me why,

Have you heard of the game Tic, Tac, Toe,

Yes I have,

That's why you can never ever beat them, they are so, so logical and self reliant plus they
exercise one's own powers or judgment compare to what you are calling yourselves.

Could you please give me and answer to this question,

You have heard of a 3 leaf clover right? but, does a 4 leaf clover even exist? furthermore
does a 5 leaf clover exist, and if they do what are the chances of find one?

I personally know of one weather it is a 7 or 8 leaf clover I can't tell you but, can you tell me
your answer.

Well I know that there are a lot of 3 leaf clovers, and that the 4 leaf clover is very rare, as
for the 5 leaf clover I am not so sure but, I have heard their is superstition involved with it
if you can find one as for what are the chances again I am not sure but it must be quite
high right.

Not bad young lady.

Can I ask you where you found that 7 or 8 leaf clover, of course you can, I actually race
against that person at a race track somewhere pandemic, that's why I am not tell you
but is was a woman OK.

Now that you have answer that question, do you still think that you are a full celestial being,
because if you still say yes to me this epoch I will have to put you in and 8 second street
machine and you might conk of a heart attack.

This is what it would be like https://bit.ly/38685LE so don't lie or it might or could be the
double https://bit.ly/33KYOWd depending on how I feel.

In conclusion to this very bizarre court case, I have some good communiqué for you on the aggravated assault that you have brought forward to this court and that is, a man has come forward in your defence and will testify on your behalf about those two men from the pub that
try to kill you, he knows there names plus has given a full description of these men to the
authority furthermore to that, we have also been told that there are cameras at this pub.

With that said, the courts will now act upon this matter and issue arrest warrants for these
two men.

In saying that young lady there is also a down side to this kooky, and that is, you will have to
face court again on different charges when the aggravated assault case has been dealt
with and finalized.

There are just to many unexplainable facts that you have admitted to, furthermore trying to
hurt or undermining a human being or there existences falls under so many Laws and by

The only example I can give you is, Broadcast Hysteria: Orson Welles's War of the Worlds
and the Art of Fake News. On the evening of October 30, 1938, radio listeners across the
U.S. heard a startling report of mysterious creatures and terrifying war machines moving
toward New York.

The consequences after that event lead to an explosive amount of people facing court and
jail epoch, there was no mercy by any Judge.

Do you want to no why?

This when on and on for decades because of the massive Hysteria cause in NEW YORK
e.g. the President of America in 1938 Franklin Delano Roosevelt went out all guns blazing
calling on the Army, Air Force and Navy to go and defend NEW YORK.

In turn young lady that cause a few things to happen,

#1 The President of America was made into the laughing stock amongst other super powers,
her was mock and ridicule until or just before world war 2, not a good thing to happen to a
President of a super power, Right.

#2 The cost associated with that command or should I say behest that run into uncountable
deficit meaning, I couldn't tell you how much money was wasted on that hoax or malicious
deception called the Art of Fake News, someone or a big group of people had to pay.

#3 When they started the investigation into that plot covin, you would not believe the people
who where involved in it, it went right to the top as a matter of speaking.

#4 The after effects that it caused amongst so many American people after that, also lead to
decades and decades of people facing court why? Brainwashing Laws, People committed
suicidal acts on them themselves and or killed their families, others became mentally ill or
where diagnosed with some form of mental disorders because they just could not cope with
the fact or facts they it was all coming to an end.

Would you like to no more about the [LAW]
and, how having a respected traditional well established firm with a myriad of Barristers, Lawyers, Solicitors that will "HELP" you out
of a awkward or cluttered situation in a flash

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